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  1. New Viv At Work

    Hey there Kevin long time no frog talk, noticed you popped up on here could barely believe it was you. I've chatted to froggers about your big viv as if it was a legend! The moss is just a type of aquarium moss that we culture at work under strong lighting grows super fast the stuff in the mantella viv was a paste 4 weeks ago.
  2. New Viv At Work

  3. New Viv At Work

    The mantella vivs finished
  4. Allobates Zaparo

    Just wondered if anyone is working with this species, used to see them a lot in the UK but not seen any recently, just curious.
  5. New Viv At Work

    Hi John the Mimosa is the standard sensitive plant but there is an endemic species of mimosa found in the area and pics we were sent of the habitat had, what looked like, sensitive plants in it so we thought we'd go for it, in reality we struggled with all the plants, the large Tillandsia is in fact Costa Rican because we couldn't get hold of the correct species and the small Tillandsia is Mexican! In fact the whole project started from the fact we had large clumps of Aechmea nudicaullis, which they use in the remaining forested pockets but in the end we didn't even use them!! Ben
  6. New Viv At Work

    If you give us til mid August we should have a new 2 and a half metre long Golden Mantella viv done as well
  7. New Viv At Work

    Its all done in a synthetic render over shaped expanded metal lathe.
  8. New Viv At Work

    Nah nick these all came from Löbbecke museum in dusseldorf!
  9. New Viv At Work

  10. New Viv At Work

    And the other side
  11. New Viv At Work

    View from further back
  12. New Viv At Work

    Just finished a new viv at work for a group of 30 Excidobates mysteriosus thought I'd post a few pics
  13. dendrobates auratus NOMINAT

    © B.Baker 2014

  14. Dendrobates auratus METETI

    © B.Baker 2014

  15. Dendrobates auratus BIRKHAN 3

    © B.Baker 2014