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  1. Oophaga Pumilio 'black Jeans'

    Few more pics
  2. Tall Viv

    WoW that's a nice tank, well done
  3. Oophaga Pumilio 'black Jeans'

    Thanks mate Looking curious and hunting for springtails now. Sorry about the pic quality I don't want to stress him too much. Iggy
  4. Oophaga Pumilio 'black Jeans'

    First froglet morphed today
  5. Oophaga Pumilio 'black Jeans'

    They are still a bit shy, especially the female but I think it's hard to judge their overall behavior after only two weeks. If I will have a moment I will take few shots of the setup as well. Take care Iggy
  6. Oophaga Pumilio 'black Jeans'

    Hello guys, two weeks ago I bought a proven pair of black jeans and I finally had a chance to snap few pics. Hope you like it Female: Male: [/ cheers Iggy