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  1. Diy Frog Rack

    Hi All, So here is a picture of my current set-up. I have got the frog bug and want more frogs so have decided to build a rack to go into this space. I wanted an aluminium rack after getting some quotes I decided to have a go and building it myself and save some money. This is a sketch I used to plan my design. I ordered the aluminium and connectors from aluminium warehouse. When the parts arrived I build the levels then joined these together. The final picture show the rack moved into place with my current viv in place. I'm still waiting for the pvc foamboard to be delivered. I will hopefully use this with vivarium glass runners to cover up the sections with lights/drainage/misting. And to also create a cupboard at the bottom for the pump and water containers. The rack consists of 3 levels the bottom and top level is L 80cm H 50cm and D 50cm. The middle level is L 80cm H 40cm and D 50cm. The empty viv will be decorated soon and a group of yellow terribilis will be going into in.
  2. I moved into a new house in November and now have space for a rack that will hopefully house 6 vivs. So now planning that. Just thinking about either getting aluminium racking from dartfrog or going down the DIY route.
  3. Adventure to Captivus

    A great video In the summer of 2006, a small group of graduate student biologists ventured deep into the Peruvian Rainforest in search of a lost treasure. Shrouded in mystery, 77 years had passed since Dendrobates captivus was last seen. Adventure to Captivus is the first ever film on the natural history of one of Peru's most isolated and allusive gems. Narrated by Chris Graybill, this breathtaking documentary takes you through tropical jungles on a once in a lifetime adventure of scientific discovery.
  4. Welcome - New Site

    Hi Great Looking new site. Hope it takes off. Just to let you know I couldn't get the sign in with facebook when creating a new account to work