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  1. R. Imitator Build, 225L 40X70X80 (Pic Heavy)

    Great read, thanks
  2. Happy Birthday Gordon

    Happy Birthday Gordon
  3. Happy Birthday Howard

    Thanks guys, only just noticed this, must be getting old.
  4. Good To Have Found You

    welcome to the addiction
  5. Happy Birthday Gordon

    Happy Birthday Gordon, hope you had some time to enjoy your day
  6. Which Broms

    Hi Dave. Send me a mailing address and I can send you some pups.
  7. All In A Days Work!

    It was a good day and a good job done, managed to have a great laugh as always.
  8. Stu And Shaz's Dart Room

    Great work Stu, you hardly need to keep frogs when you have viv's as beautiful as these. Love the dedication you have and the way you are willing to share with others.
  9. Happy Birthday John

    Happy Birthday John
  10. Happy Birthday Howard

    Thanks guys, just a boring day of work for this year I'm afraid.
  11. Guess The Frog Competition

    I keep looking at this and can't resist any longer and have to rise to the challenge. Looked quite easy at first but there are a couple of tricky ones and one that I thought was obvious but not so sure now.
  12. Sexing This Lorenzo?

    Nice shot of the arse
  13. My New Tincs!!

    whoooo, very nice
  14. Azureventris Viv Help?

    The viv is doing fine although its never how I want it. It has gone through a few small changes but the trouble is I travel so much with work at the moment, must have been away 5 months of the year, that I just get it looking good and then I come home to find its back to square one. I just have it ticking over nicely for now until I get a bit more spare time.
  15. Azureventris Viv Help?

    Something like this should do the job