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  1. Nemerteans

    you can remove the frogs and O2 bomb the viv... I did this before with these horrible worms also be more carful when popping things in the viv all plants, leaves, wood
  2. Oophaga Granulifera

    cheers for the reply john i will take a look at pics once i get home, this site dont work well on work laptop :-(
  3. Oophaga Granulifera

    good evening all has anyone in the UK had experience with these?? I have seen many pics on facebook and always been interested. would love to hear of anyones hands on experience in the uk Thanks dane
  4. Usa Vs. Europe

    to be honest I don't really see this..... I have always found people all over the globe willing to help me in my phib questions the USA are miles ahead of where our hobby is and I honestly believe we have loads to learn from them, they often get a lot of the new / rare frogs 1st so always seem to have hands on experience on things when we are starting out with said frogs. as always everyone is an individual and im sure some people from UK and USA don't get on we all cant like each other lol I think the only time there is a huge disagreement is when it comes to Mysties, this been a hot topic in any US forum as no mysties have been legally imported, im sure some in the UK have the same beliefs as the people in the US about this topic but I think most in the UK accept we have them all in all I find the people from other countries very helpful
  5. Future Of The Hobby

    I would like to see more kids get involved in the hobby as this is where the future is, I have offered to take some frogletts and tads into my youngest kids school as he is always telling his mates about the frogs he has at home but they did not take me up on my offer :-( I don't think food is a stumbling block as im sure many would prefer to try culture their own as its cheaper I found it very annoying when I was breeding geckos to have to go to a store to buy live food (I could be wrong). unfortunately we are in a world where people put cash 1st and if they cant make money they wont do it!!!! look at snakes for a prime example. this is a hobby not a business I don't think there is enough done to spread the word in many parts of the UK, some people are doing a fantastic job and making a good impact by organising and running shows but I still think more can be done in other regions. (please this is not taking anything away from the people who do a lot) too many people are giving up within a year which is not great and I still see more people leaving the hobby then joining. I don't know what we can do to get more people in the hobby but I sure think its needed
  6. Auratus 'black'

    nice one buddy these are very nice I was looking at these on richies website they look amazing
  7. A Couple Of My Vivs

    where do you get the mini orchids mate?
  8. Naturose

    I have received mine today so going to give it a try
  9. Little Fant Froglet

    You need to be careful keeping in groups I got 5 males last year and saw some aggression it's hard to see but one started to loose a little weight I have also read a female heavy trio can stress the male so just keep a good eye on weight with fants the can drop very quick and as their so bleeding quick they have a high motabalism so can go down hill rapid. Not saying it can't be done I know Another breeder who keeps in a group with no ill effects
  10. PVA Backgrounds

    yeah the water runs clear I have done a test on some glass dried the glue then soaked it and it looks white but nothing leaks / bleeds very strange , don't think its harmful I was more worried it was all gona fall off it took me 2 weeks
  11. PVA Backgrounds

    Just a quick one, I have done this on a viv and left it a full week after doing all sides to dry so I was 100% it was dry and I have used this exact stuff nick has said above my issue question is I have planted and set up the mister and where its sprayed the most its gone from see through (side of viv looking in) to white again is this ok? has anyone else seen this?
  12. Gallery Ideas

    yes this is great idea
  13. Led Strip Light Questions

    cheers johhn thats great takes ages to mess with all options to find best stats :-) one more quick question mate please, have you provided a heat sink? if so is this easy to do? cheers again for info mate
  14. Led Strip Light Questions

    just a quick one mate, do the lumens stack? for example if i have 1 double strip at 1 meter long @ 1560lm if i add another meter lenght the same will that make it 3120?? also what do you use to get over 2000lm?? this is one i find at £33.60 per meter at 1560lm Part number 5MFL-1200SMD-CW Double Row LED Tape Length 5 metre Power Usage 19.2W per metre Brightness / Lumens: 1560lm per metre Colour Cool White Input: 12vdc Constant Voltage LED Type 3528 Width 16mm
  15. Rainforest background

    Cool thanks for the reply John I may get some of this stuff and give it a go