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  1. Hi all

    Hi Adrian, I have contacted a fair few of the old crew and caught up, can I get you on the same number, would be great to catch up? There was always few down this neck of the woods, would be good to all get together, once I have finished sizing up and building some vivs ill set up a meet, I need to update my location, Now in stevenage, would be good to meet you Madlan being so close, I think we may have met years ago, the user name rings a bell from when I sold someone some thumbnails I think. I scouted even further down south 2 hrs to collect a light unit, now trying to source an ent pump and some Rana nozzles, viv building starts next week Whats everyone keeping (frog wise) down this end? This is the light unit, ill update as the build progresses and new things arrive
  2. Hi all

    Hey all, it has been some time since I have been active in the Hobbie, I have finally found my feet and will be back very soon, it’s been probably 5-6 years since I last kept df’s, any new projects etc happened in that time? I look forward to meeting new and old friends once again and hopefully hold some meets as I did once in south London
  3. Happy Birthday John

    Happy b-day john. Hope you had a good one.
  4. I use sucker cups with a peg that clips the pipe causing it not to rattle.
  5. I don't think there is anything really, even the local pet shops are a disappointment, even keepers in this area are scarce.
  6. Anyone With Amazonica Arena Blanca?

    I believe df keeper down south with them who is already getting results
  7. Is there any dartfrog keepers based in or around Stevenage? Regards Luke
  8. Golden Frogs

    Nice find Chris
  9. New viv build v2.0 ;)

    The Lepanthes quadricornis came from the London orchid show. Luke
  10. New viv build v2.0 ;)

    The first viv is accessed in the same way as the new viv. Either end has a door on a u profile runner which is lifted out. What I like about this method is there is no break in view of overlapping glass. It looks unaccessible like a clear neat box with a slice of jungle contained. Regards Luke
  11. Tadpole growing container size

    I have not ever noticed a difference. However, what i have read is that tads release a pheromone that's stunts growth in competing tads ect. In theory, the larger volume of water, the less concentrate the pheromone will be. Just an idea :/ Regards Luke
  12. New viv build v2.0 ;)

    Yes lol. Miss wrote it.
  13. Tadpole rearing

    Like the idea with the litter tray, if it were me I would get 2 littler trays. To water change I would fill up the empty one, leave a day with the pump and heater in then transfer the tadpole holding part to the clean one, then you can just poor all the old water away. But that way the natural biological bacteria that colanises to breakdown waist and ammonia would be reduce each time you do a full water change which I haven't notice to effect tads, well I don't see any diffrence with myn and I have done both syphaning then top up and also full water change. It's all down to preference really. Luke
  14. New viv build v2.0 ;)

    The epiweb gives the roots something to grow into rather than hitting the poly then growing back outwards causing to cover the hygrolon. I found that on my old vivs the roots would cover all the outside of the hygrolon and the moss growth in them areas were really slow, I also didnt like the look. I did have a couple of materials in mind instead of epiweb but all did not have the same air circulation properties stopping the roots getting mold ect. Hope that answers your question? Luke