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  1. Terribilis Juvenile Colour

    yeah, thats some orange isnt it.
  2. Terribilis Juvenile Colour

    any pics and are they meant to be yellows ?. obv orange is quite close to yellow in the grand scheme of things awell. my orange terribs, i was worried theyd be the usual kind of strong yellow etc but you could really tell the difference when seeing the young of both side by side
  3. Terribilis Vivarium

    I'm coming to you guys for some sagely advice as always. Im in the process of sorting a few things out and ordering a massive viv for my terribilis, atm its looking at 120w x 70h x 60d, i wanted to give them a nice height after false bottom and larger plants going in etc. Now comes the series of questions 1. Glass or eggcrate? This is a split question too, my understanding is that terribs like the option of popping in the water and dry land, now i thought about using egg crate instead so i can put a shallow pool at one end of the viv and then create layered floor. So im in a quandry as to which false bottom to go for as id like to give them more than just z water dish. The glass will obviously give them a gully at the front 2. Substrate? now ive done a lot of looking around and i know of the issues and preferences terribilis have when it comes to their feet shall we say lol. I was wondering what you guys may have come up with as a solution, i was thinking of using a pebble/stone predominant substrate and less 'SOIL' but i was worried about weight and if they are too small a terrib sucking a stone right up as we know what they are like when they eat lol. I know people have provided slate and some wood to offset this issue, but wondered if there was a different solution, or at least put it out there to chat about 3. Height? My understanding is that these guys do less climbing as they get older, so I'd be looking at offering hem a layered floor and i bought some lovely branches which are solid and almost 9cm in diameter, i imagine this would be chunky enough for them to traverse quite easily etc. Just wondering if you guys could show me or describe your own methods of creating layers as i tend to be more vertically minded and often feel my basin dull. think thats it for now, but feel free to offer any and all advice Joe
  4. Ameerega Trivittata Red

    i love these guys, bit cheeky Ross but have you got a pic of their viv ? in my mind i've got 2 60cubes and one 100x60dx70h spare and these guys are on my list to wittle down
  5. My Big Viv Build

    ma gawd !
  6. Stu And Shaz's Dart Room

    like like like like like like like like
  7. Tesoros De Colombia

    aha yeah, i did see they'd started breeding almost straight away, which is helping Ivan's cause no end, and will hopefully bring some of those figures down, i may have fallen off a chair or two aha. i wonder if there will be a new shipment of blackfoots hitting us next yr, co's i need them in my life
  8. Tesoros De Colombia

    i understand it, i just remember how well the import went down with a few people over there, the argument over people who donated x should've been told they wernt on a list to get the frogs. i totally understood how it all played out. just imagining that there will be a furor over that part of the update
  9. Tesoros De Colombia

    that part of 'preferred buyers list' is going to go down a treat on dendroboard surely ?
  10. 1 Legged R.flavovittata

    i've got a leuc who i believe broke their leg, probably in a rushed move, that girl is huge and gets around the viv, today found her up the top back of the 60 cube she's in. these guys really do have alot of spirit. kudos on that guy
  11. Stu And Shaz's Dart Room

    love the sumba vines chief, the viv's looking great with the fern and plants in. good luck with the kiddlewinks too ! i need to give the fern panels a go, got a load of the exo terra ones for a fiver a pack, they were like £20, think swell still doing them for 6 atm. as far as i was aware exo terra had discontinued it
  12. Www.amphibianforest.co.uk

    bought some oak cups and cultures of springs, fast prompt delivery and quality goods, Cheers fella !
  13. Hamm 12/9/15 The Return

    i wish you all the luck in the world, as i need to get my hands on some of these guys aha
  14. Hamm 12/9/15 The Return

    she is a beaut fella, proper oranje, sorry to hear about the other two passing
  15. Cricket Alternatives For Terribilis

    awesome help this thread btw guys, i tried waxmoths once and i got one frickin moth, literally the day i had it and no more. so gave up culturing them, but will do now, still got a lump of wax i believe