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  1. Site Update

    I would be happy to pay a small fee to keep it running
  2. Sirensis Highland Tadpole to Frog

    Nice Viv! Do you have the name for those black based Broms ? Cheers, Ben.
  3. Sirensis Highland Tadpole to Frog

    Awesome pics, How old are your adults? Mine seem to be loosing the vibrant yellow and looking a slightly washed out. what do you feed ? supplements ? What lighting ? Cheers, Ben.
  4. Plants?

    Araflora is a good supplier, could also give Dutch Rana a try. http://www.araflora.com http://www.dutchrana.nl/
  5. Wow, Looks amazing I would like to do this in the near future, rather jealous ! Ben.
  6. New Display Viv.

    Hi, Setting up a new 100 x 42 x 75 (70 Gal) display viv, Will be a slow build but I will post the odd pick as it progresses. The viv was built by Richie, I picked it up a couple of weeks ago and have since been sourcing materials for the build. I am looking to plant it out with lots of epiphytic orchids and bromeliads, mosses and marcgravia liana. I have used the exo terra tree fern panels to line the back of the viv and have a couple of large chunks of tree fern to cut in to shape to give the background some depth along with a couple of driftwood branches. Not sure what's going in there as yet, Was thinking about a Nicaragua display with my blue jeans Pumilio, Green and black auratus and a trio of Gonatodes Geckos. (What I would really like is a large Oophaga species) Will post pics soon. Cheers, Ben.
  7. New Display Viv.

    I bought all the misting system separate, pump is ENT, the nozzles all come from Ben's jungle and all the timers and tube from Dart frog. I had my Blue Jeans Pumilio in there for a while but they were too shy so I managed to get a pair of red head Histrionica in It was good to see you Ale hope the Banded Imitators all settle for you Cheers Ben.
  8. New Display Viv.

    Growing in,need more Orchids. Misting system on
  9. Display viv.

    Growing in now, misting system all working.

    © Ben Coe

  10. R. Summersi Or Banded Imi's?

    Hi, I keep the Banded Imitator Sauce (1.2) they are stunning frogs and a perfect mimic, Little bigger than my other imitators and have a slightly deeper call. They are quite bold once settled and mine have started to lay some quite big clutches of five too seven white eggs, Tadpoles seem a little more sensitive to raise than others but I have a dozen or so growing on well. I think the Summersi like it a bit drier and take a lot longer to reach maturity and are more of a challenge to breed/raise. Either way they are both stunning and you should have some! Ben.
  11. New Display Viv.

    Plants and misting nozzles arrived so they have been installed and the first planting done. Need to add a bit more décor, Liana vines, pods and leaf litter. The light unit arrived and has been installed, Although waiting on arcadia T5 tube to replace the blue tube in the unit. Once the misting system is finished will leave to grow in and think about what to put in there! Cheers, Ben.
  12. New Display Viv.

    Not the best pic but we are getting there, Now ordering drain and mist system. Going for the comfort line system from Bens Jungle along with a big plant order. Light unit is in the post, gone with an aquarium T5 unit and will change one of the bulbs for an Arcadia 6% uv bulb. Will post update pic's soon. (Thank's for the help with image posting, I think I have it figured out.) Ben.
  13. New Display Viv.

    Managed to upload a pic to my album, can't work out how to attach it to the thread, Duh!
  14. Southern variabilis viv

    Southern variabilis viv
  15. Lamasi viv

    Lamasi viv
  16. Salt creek

    Salt creek
  17. image

    Blue jeans
  18. image

    Benadicta viv
  19. image

    Lamasi viv
  20. image

    New display viv
  21. New Display Viv.

    The Gonatode Geckos are found in the same local as the blue jeans pumilio and the green and black auratus and they are tiny. They feed on fruit flys so pumilio would be far to big to be considered a prey item and should be safe. Froglets might not fair to well though, Not totally convinced. I am a big fan of biotope aquariums and was trying to go for a Nicaragua biotope with this display, Even as far as only adding local specific plants. I will more than likely go for a group of larger Oophaga and stick to one species though. Thank's for the input Kevin all taken onboard 👠Cheers, Ben.
  22. Garden Shed

    Hi Alex, The shed is looking really good, How have the Terribilis settled in? What's going in the arboreal vivs? Cheers, Ben.
  23. Sick Frog

    Hi Tony, Need to first figure out what the frog is suffering from, parasites, bacterial, viral ? There are treatments for all of the above on Dart frog website, I think if the frog has lost weight and looks thin then Levacol drops for internal parasites / worms, or if the frog is bloated and puffed up or has poor skin condition then bactifec for bacterial infections. Move the frog to a QT tub and treat accordingly, if the frog is motionless and off its food it may be a little late. Hope it pulls through. Ben.
  24. Hi Bastien, Keep me posted on how they are doing mate, The frog you say is hanging around the floor if it looks to stop feeding or looks to lose weight remove from the viv and pop it in a tub to keep an eye on it. I will keep an eye on the young I have for a female and we can swap it out if need be, It might just be taking longer to acclimate to the new viv and lights, They have been in tubs since they morphed. might just be greedy and looking for spring tails. Cheers, Ben.