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  1. Mangrove Wood

    1/250 I should have thought if you read the back of the bottle I just always choose the strongest dose
  2. Mangrove Wood

    Miles use a F10 solution make sure it remains submerged for 24 hrs no need to put in oven
  3. Seconds Timers

    And exactly like the one I got from Advanced Husbandry at twice the price but its not all about the money I had a discount voucher to use
  4. Spotted Python - Antaresia Maculosa

    Paul I'm going to keep you waiting mate Dar the snake you pictured is a neonate green tree python and they come from Indonesia new guinea to be more exact and the surrounding islands down as far as cape york Australia where as I posted a pic of an emerald tree boa which comes from french guyana south america the one you have pictured is possibly a Jayapura local
  5. Happy Birthday John

    hey old man congrats
  6. Spotted Python - Antaresia Maculosa

    no your right about £900 each I've 6 adult emeralds and 5 adult/subadult green trees (proven pair of aru with a second female and a pair of subadult sarong) oh and I've baby emeralds and green trees just to make you drool
  7. Spotted Python - Antaresia Maculosa

    Hey Paul didn't know you were in to snakes as well I keep childrens now and I have a childreni/maculosa hybrid that I bough as a childrens python personally I'm nuts about perthensis the smallest python of this group I keep retics mainly but do keep some other species like emerald tree boa's green tree pythons sand boa's and royal pythons I have a nice male pied
  8. Little Fant Froglet

    yep pretty much as I thought so I'll continue with the original plan and finish the larger viv and move them to their final home and utilise the exo terra for any if I need to house them separately Thanks
  9. Auratus 'celeste'

    Hi Paul how many tads have you got of these guys enough to start again? Its nice to see all is not a total loss
  10. Little Fant Froglet

    the reason I ask is I have a spare 30 x 30 x 45cm exo terra that i have converted that is sat waiting and had thought about adding the group but thought this would be too crowded for all 5 and as I don't have a clue about sex yet I'd need to add them all I suppose I could add them for now and see what happens and move them if needed later when I have a larger viv ready
  11. Little Fant Froglet

    Hi Dar I was just going to post a topic asking if anyone else keeps cainarachi I picked up a group of 5 at hamm last september, can I ask what size viv you keep yours in I was intending to put mine in a 450mm cube I've kept mine in temporary housing up until now but its time I moved them into a larger more permanent home do they do well as groups or should they be kept as pairs any advice gratefully accepted
  12. Rainforest background

    No lol he's way too busy looking after all those young frogs. John do you think you would get more growth if this viv also had more watering as if I'm correct this rack is probably the last one for the water to get too with your system and seemed remarkably dry as I commented at my visit. Moss is after all a moisture loving plant?
  13. Seconds Timers

    Well I thought my search was over I found one on one of our sponsors website but unfortunately when I came to the checkout the postage was extortionate with a fixed cost so my search continues as the postage was nearly half the cost of the timer and I didn't want to by things I didn't want just yet so as to spread the postage cost
  14. Seconds Timers

    The only thing I can see about the ones I can find are that they are all european plug design which means I'll have to buy 2 adaptors to get my pump to work do we know of any with true UK 3 pin plug style ones. Ive seen this one on >>>ebay<<< wondered if anyone has used one
  15. Seconds Timers

    Hi guys I'm after a seconds timer and didn't know if any of you could recommend a certain type or tell me to avoid any. To be honest cost doesn't come into the equation but reliability does I'm happy to pay for quality if I have to but I also don't want to pay unnecessarily so your advice please