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  1. Terribilis build

    Great to hear the SI are doing well.
  2. when on holiday

    I never seem to be away longer than 2 days these days
  3. merry christmas

    Happy Christmas too all.
  4. Terribilis build

    Sound like great frogs to keep. Hope they settle in for you.
  5. Black Soldier flies.

    Just so you know, Black soldier flies seem to be great food for the Terribs'. Chase them all over the viv and seem to have no trouble wolfing them down.
  6. Are these okay to feed to my terribs? I guessing yes, but thought I'd ask if others have tried them.
  7. Isabel question

    Ha ha, no, don't think so. But by the looks of it you will be knee deep in the little buggers soon enough.
  8. Good days frogging

    All seems good news for you there. The Leucs are feeding like crazy but who knows what the Frenchies are up to? Just a flash of movement and, gone!
  9. Isabel question

    It's the males. They change their call. Never known a female to make any sound other than 'thud' as they make a break for it!
  10. Terribilis build

    Looking very nice indeed. Frogs should be chuffed when they move in.
  11. Terribilis build

    He does look a bit like that in real life...
  12. Terribilis build

  13. More celebrating mediocrity!

    Huzzah! Great to see. Hope it was my girl . Soon you will be up to your elbows in them.
  14. Black Soldier flies.

    Had a google about, and seems some feed them to tree frogs, so fly time for the gang over the next few days. And there is one loose in the frog room now too .
  15. Terribilis build

    Churning out Terribs, yeah, I wish!
  16. Black Soldier flies.

    The wasp/fly itself. Well they went mental when I put one in. It's gone and they seem fine. I have a whole tub of the freaky looking buggers.
  17. Hey everyone

    Your male won't shut up now, all good!
  18. Terribilis build

    Never thought to use slate, which as you say has a cost advantage. Will be intregued to see how in turns out. Thought the main issue would be the weight of the viv. That puppy ain't moving except downwards! Keep us updated.
  19. Stranger things!

    Never even occurred to me to be honest. Purely an animal related statement mate.
  20. phylobates teribilis mints

    Hello. I'm away at moment so shall be brief. I keep, but not yet breed minties. Grange reptiles near Southampton had some, and have a regular breeder it seems. And Chessington garden centre in s . London /Surrey had some a week or two ago. Plus they do have them at dartfrog on and off.
  21. Hey everyone

    I'm a minty keeper. I know of 2 places selling mints at the moment. One is Grange reptiles near Southampton. And i thing Chessington garden centre in s . London way.
  22. Mistking pump is on the way out.

    Thanks! Yep that'll be another pain in the bum to sort
  23. After 8 or so years of faithful service my Mistking pump has decieded to wait until the week before I go away to throw a fit and stop working. Anyone know where I can get a pump from, or can recomend a good RO booster pump that fits the bill? Cheers in hope...
  24. Stranger things!

    See the gene splicing has been going well! 'Bosta' seems to be thriving. I did get a near all black intermedius way back, didn't do as well though.
  25. Cork trunk build

    My pums got over 29 this year. As long as the mister was working they seemed happy with it. Sure other species will be less keen at that level, but the Blue Jeans and Cachero seemed fine.