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  1. Well after a cat attack and having to rescue the survivors half way down the stairs, they are breeding again. So escaping seems to be a good tactic for tricolours at least.
  2. Sirensis Highland Tadpole to Frog

    Are they adults that are loosing the colour? My two girls have never bred, but are still as yellow as ever. Maybe it's the breeding stress? Also still keen to sort a few from you to add to the girls if your still with babies? Cheers.
  3. Sirensis Highland Tadpole to Frog

    That is so cute. Well done. I'm hoping to get a male for my two girls in a couple of months.
  4. Please Read

    I can understand how you feel. As a non-facebook person I use this as my first stop for frog based info. I hope we can get people to contribute more. Must admit I'm not one of the best posters myself so I can hardly talk.
  5. If mine kick off soon I maybe forced to flood the Epsom area with the little darlings. YNWA we should meet up some time, along with Alex and Jaise, as we are in frog terms on each others doorstep!
  6. I've had tricolours that only bred after one or two escape. This used to happen maybe twice a year. After each capture they chucked out eggs. The Couchero pums also went crazy after moving viv. I think it seems to be a valid way of trying.
  7. Benedicta suprise

    Heard one of mine calling today. Must be warm weather that's got him all horny. Just have to hope there's a female in there. At best I see one lurking in the background. And until the calling it might as well be an empty viv
  8. Benedicta suprise

    Nice pics. I never see mine. A flash of red or blue and gone. They do love the deep leaf litter. Best of luck with them.
  9. Site Upgrade

    Crossed fingers.
  10. Amazing photos and stunning frogs and foliage. Like the others I'm jealous. I agree with Alex, they seem very well fed!
  11. Ghost Town

    As a FB hater I only use this forum. It is a lot quieter now than it was. Also a lot of lurkers who don't post. As for pictures, I can only thank those that do, me and cameras don't mix well. Actually me and comps don't either.
  12. Welcome. I keep antonyi and can say they aren't bothered with broms' and as said can go 'breed crazy' at times. Of your choices I think Imis are the best option I think.
  13. Sirensis Highland With Tadpole.

    Aaargh hate this! As I watch my tadpoleless highlands. *grump* Great pictures there though.
  14. New Display Viv.

    Looking very nice. Any idea who's going in yet? Which misting system have you gone for?
  15. Johnb56

    Happy frog day.
  16. Found This On My Viv - Mite/tick

    Which species of frog is going in the viv?
  17. Missing Frogs... 'hiding Or Dead?'

    That seems abou normal for some frogs. Some get bolder with age, sometimes a change of enviro works, sometimes they just hate you.
  18. Lots Of Calling

    Yep, anything will set them off. I like the call, others get annoyed by it. Beware once they start breeding you could be knee deep in tads!
  19. Site Outage

    Or parasites!
  20. Site Outage

    Wow didn't know you were lurking over there. Hope it's great
  21. Hello And Help :-)

    The tricolours are food eating machines that will cause stress to others I should think.
  22. Intro

    Welcome, from down south.
  23. Site Outage

    I've had lots of problems getting the web page over the last week. Only me? Or is the server up the swanny?
  24. Love Waking Up To This Sight

    Mine have started calling. Can't wait to see this in my vivs. Always a great sight.
  25. Racking/shelving

    YNWA Big Dug stuff does have some restrictions. Rather than explaining on the interwebby thing it may be easier to take a look some time. Hope to arrange a frog pub meet and maybe a house meet. Then you can prod one in real life.