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  1. Happy Birthday Miles

    Deja vous Happy frogday.
  2. Pumilio "salt Creek"

    Very nice viv indeed!
  3. As I type my Leucs are sitting in their water dish. They love to hang out in it when ever pos'. I know of one guy who used to breed them with an area of very deep water with discus in, so I think they should be fine with a bit of pool .
  4. Tesoros De Colombia

    Donation done. Well worth the time and effort here guys. Can't believe it's going so slow
  5. Wow those look like fun. I'd never risk it at home though. I know they have some at London zoo that march up and down the rope. I'm sure I've seen a few very wee ones loose else were in the section. I'm sure they are getting loose!
  6. Infrared Thermometers

    Just found I still have a Clas Ohlson infrared thermometer. Normaly sell for £25. Yours for £10 plus postage. Still new in packet with batteries. Cheers.
  7. Pumilio Valle De Agua

    I've so got to get me another flavour of pum. They are so nice.
  8. Alternative Livefoods.

    I have some if he's short of any breeding stock
  9. Light Tinkering... Advice/opinion

    Cute little pum wandering around there.
  10. Nice viv, and the Leucs are cute as usual
  11. Light Tinkering... Advice/opinion

    I think this is the route I'm going to go down. Been meaning for years. I have some cobbled together version with LEDs and plant growth is okay. Once Decent ones are up and running I'm sure they will love it. Think I would still need a walk though on setting it up if anyone has a link to this sort of thing. Me and wiring are not good friends.
  12. Infrared Thermometers

    Would say the best I got for my money was at a reptile show in Essex over 8 years ago. Point and press for a fiver. Wish I'd bought a bucket of them now. I think Claas Ohlson makes some as well.
  13. Infrared Thermometers

    I do have one, but I rarely use it for the frogs. It's a professional one I use to use for work so it's a Sentry st653, goes up to about 550c. They do cost £85 though
  14. New Shop Now Open

    Great looking shop there Richie!
  15. Rainforest vivs website.
  16. Hello From Me

    Hello. Name is Adrian. I lurk around other frog sites too.