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  1. Tiiiiiiiiiiiny success

    The ones I got from you are pumping out the tads! Be nervy, but chirping away like a mad thing.
  2. Costa Rican blue jeans.

    Yep. Have a few here in S.London.
  3. need help with bromeliads

    I managed to pick some great small ones at the insect show at kempton park last year, not sure on names of them. Will have to see if I can put names to faces and get back to you. Can't remember who the guy was, but he was a frog keeper , good selection of food and plants.
  4. Phyllobates terribilis Mint

    Well a year later one of mine has finally started calling!
  5. Cork trunk build

    Looks great, but why did you cover the floor in lead shot?
  6. Favourite lil viv

    It's looking very nice. You did put a fair bit of effort into the build, which has paid you back.
  7. Cork trunk build

    Every time you seem to up the game on the vivs *sulk* Nice to see the frogs have moved in. Oh and good to see you back here.
  8. fruit fly culture media

    Tried a few and settled on Repashy too. With all the various costs that's not so bad when you buy a bulk amount. Low smell problem and easy to use.
  9. New to pumilio advice pls

    Every thing I've seen is pairs are safest. Beware some are very elusive. Almost never seen. Myself and Alex have both found ours to be super hiders for such bright frogs.
  10. More celebrating mediocrity!

    She was my top slut frog
  11. what a b's some pepole are

    I remember an eagle owl in our garden as a kid. Monster of a beast. Ongar rail station used to have Euro' scorpions. Painshill park in Surrey has swarms of non-indig' frogs. Not sure what flavour though. My friend phoned me while fishing there at 2 in the morning. Everytime a plane went over it set all the males off. And as for the bloody parrots!
  12. More celebrating mediocrity!

    Ha ha ha that's ma' frog! So all going well on the breeding front then!?
  13. what a b's some pepole are

    Can't argue with a word said there. Having worked for many years in the pet trade, normal and exotic I can say I have a low regard for a huge swaith of the public, and the trade. So saying there is still a good number of caring souls in both out there, and things have improved. And as for the council checking your suitablity for shop ownership and livestock sales, a joke! (well it was where I was anyway).
  14. Terribilis build

    Great to hear the SI are doing well.
  15. when on holiday

    I never seem to be away longer than 2 days these days