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  1. My house seems to have a moth problem, they seem to love 'em! Plus woodlice seem a fine treat. I hate using crickets for so many reason so never use them myself.
  2. Hi all

    We won't let you escape Miles.
  3. Hi all

    Those set ups put most zoos to shame! Bravo sir!
  4. Wow this looks a great idea! And for £7 to try it out a no-brainer! Thanks, I will give it a go.
  5. Hi all

    Wow! Welcome back Luke. Be good to meet up again soon. Adrian.
  6. safe water

    I used to use RO with vits, gave up on that due to logistics and now use rain water, frogs have been happier it seems, breeding improved and not had any problems with tads with it.
  7. Cork trunk build

    Puts mine to shame. Great build.
  8. how to finish the substrate

    Always been a fan of the leaf litter, and let the moss choose it's own growing points. Maybe I've just had lost too many battles with trying to get moss to work well at floor level.
  9. Phyllobates terribilis Mint

    Very cute little guys. Not a peep from mine yet.
  10. Tips on the Exo Terra mini fogger.

    I agree with Gordon on this one. And I don't rate the water falls either to be honest. A good misting system like Mistking, or hand misting is the way forward I think. If I ever get around to sorting a frog meet in S.London you can take a look for yourself and have a prod about.
  11. Beginner questions

    I use filtered rain for mine. I used to go down the RO path, but with no car lugging it around and then forgetting I had run out was always a pain. Mister is better than fogger I feel. I use the Mistking, and had very few problems with it. Seems to clog less than others mist heads I've had.
  12. Meetings

    I was planning one is south London, however life has got in the way. Maybe after some of the building work at my place I may sort a BBQ and frog frenzy at mine. Looking at may-june ish. Again depends on building and birthday frenzy. What part of S.London you lurking in?
  13. Cork trunk build

    Looking good so far. Can't wait to see some green in it down the line. How is the light through the poly carb roof?
  14. dart frogs

    Should be a few out there. Guess all on here are hiding. Hello Alan, from London.