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  1. Stranger things!

    Never even occurred to me to be honest. Purely an animal related statement mate.
  2. phylobates teribilis mints

    Hello. I'm away at moment so shall be brief. I keep, but not yet breed minties. Grange reptiles near Southampton had some, and have a regular breeder it seems. And Chessington garden centre in s . London /Surrey had some a week or two ago. Plus they do have them at dartfrog on and off.
  3. Hey everyone

    I'm a minty keeper. I know of 2 places selling mints at the moment. One is Grange reptiles near Southampton. And i thing Chessington garden centre in s . London way.
  4. Mistking pump is on the way out.

    Thanks! Yep that'll be another pain in the bum to sort
  5. After 8 or so years of faithful service my Mistking pump has decieded to wait until the week before I go away to throw a fit and stop working. Anyone know where I can get a pump from, or can recomend a good RO booster pump that fits the bill? Cheers in hope...
  6. Stranger things!

    See the gene splicing has been going well! 'Bosta' seems to be thriving. I did get a near all black intermedius way back, didn't do as well though.
  7. Cork trunk build

    My pums got over 29 this year. As long as the mister was working they seemed happy with it. Sure other species will be less keen at that level, but the Blue Jeans and Cachero seemed fine.
  8. Phyllobates Bicolor

    Cute lil' chap.
  9. 3. Is it the magic number?

    Yep, those are the ones. Looking for a few more to be honest.
  10. Cork trunk build

    Looking good. Never trusted myself to drill glass to honest, so always impressed when I see it done.
  11. 3. Is it the magic number?

    Hello John. Vents are pretty fast matureing frogs if mine are any thing to go by. I'd say go by size and tempament as much as age with them. Moving youngsters is always a problem. I just lost two Mysties who never seemed to settle, the other two are plumping up well and seem to be fine.
  12. Stranger things!

    Little one is coming along a treat.
  13. Stranger things!

    Wow two cool tads for the price of one post! Keep the little fella as long as you can. Love to see how it turns out.
  14. Tad advice appreciated pls

    Wasn't really able to help with the original request. But looks like things are going well now.
  15. Tiiiiiiiiiiiny success

    Always a great feeling. E njoy.