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  1. Site Update

    Hi Nick Excellent news. I don't have any strong opinion about a donation or a fixed membership, either suits me perfectly. Being a developer involved in the open source community, donation schemes are much more common. Let me know how and I will certainly contribute Ale
  2. Please Read

    Hi Nick I think that even if people don't post, the simple fact that in case of need, the site is there, contributes to keep the hobby alive. In the past 4 years I have received countless excellent tips from members, either directly, or, mostly, indirectly, by reading other people's threads. So, bottom line, it's not necessarily the amount of posts, but the quality behind that matters, and if this site goes, we all loose out. Just my 2 cents Ale
  3. Fantasic. Really surprised at how fat the frogs look....in the documentaries I have always seen much slimmer frogs...thank you for sharing Ale
  4. Ghost Town

    I guess it also goes down to the fact that once frogs are settled, there are very long uneventful periods, with nothing worth reporting about. I spend hours in the shed on a weekly basis, simply enjoying the frogs, looking for eggs, tending the vivs etc, but nothing worth reporting. I guess is the same for most people?
  5. New Display Viv.

    I saw it in person a few days back......speechless and veeery jealous.....hats off to Ben...stunning. Ale
  6. Got A Bot Problem?

    ditto, I am getting lots of likes in a 2013 post
  7. Hello!

  8. R. Summersi Or Banded Imi's?

    Hi Ben I am after a few Banded Sauce too. I have two grown males, calling at each other in a 100cm tall viv, stunning, but in desperate need of a female......:-) Ale
  9. Imitator Intermedius Died.

    Yeah, sorry to hear it but In any case, congrats for keeping her for that long. Ale
  10. Help Needed, Springtails Crashing In Viv

    just an update on the spider mites battle....I can confirm that the ladybird experiment has been a failure. I am about to try another method that I read: it consists on powdering the web made by the spiders with brewers yest. The theory here is that the web looses its stickiness and the spider dies of starvation. Simply destroying the web doesn't work because the spider builds it again. A bit far fetched I think but the guy that advised this swears by it, I will keep you posted if this works. Sleepinggirl, an update on your battle with springtails disappearing? have you ever found out the cause? ale
  11. Hiya Folks

    hi and welcome
  12. Woodlice

    I got these based on her advice 10 maculatum 5 sevillia 5 silvestri 5vulgur 5 officialanis Ale
  13. Woodlice

    I asked which one are the most prolific and do better in a rainforest kind of setup, and the lady suggested a selection of 6 different types (5 per type). I will certainly keep you guys posted, can't wait to see if this works out. I had a boom of tropical whites. They are slow to begin with, but then they explode. They will never become the main food source, but as a high calcium snack they seem perfect Alex
  14. Woodlice

    I have just ordered half a dozen different variety of woodlices from the fantastic site that you posted. I will try to classify them in order of how prolific, easy to breed/culture and how well they do as a clean crew and I will revert back to this forum as soon as I have an update. We need more feeding variety for the frogs. Time ago I even started to culture ants for this purpose, but I ended up getting too fond of them. Simply too interesting to just feed them to the frogs :-) Ale
  15. Isla Colon Trio

    I remember reading about this in a forum, Bocas del Toro, Colon Island, is one of the biggest. Probably just a diifferent color variation of the same morph? I'll see if I can find the article