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  1. What Frogs Next?

    Hi Kris, I keep most of the Sp,on your list & would say Luecomelas & Azzie's are easiest, avoid the Benedicta they are not easy but the Uakarii or R Imitator morphs are fairly straight forward to care for as are R Sirensis Orange lowland & the highland morph. Ameegera Bassleri sisa are easy to keep but difficult to breed so you may struggle to find any other than in Europe, they are wicked frogs with a call that is unlike any other being a cross between a mouse sqeak & a bird chirp, usually in bursts of three calls all of my frogs are housed in exo's, I find the 45cm cube & the 45x45x60 tall most useful but a few of my breeding pairs of Pumilio's are in 30x30x45 vivs & are happy, they are planted with lots of smaller broms & climbers to give plenty of cover though.
  2. Hi All

    Hi everyone, some of you will already know me, I forgot my username & PW so have had to re register. I live in Somerset in the back of beyond, Yeovil is my nearest large town & is 17 miles away !! I have a fairly extensive collection of dendrobates, a few Tincs & Auratus, Luecomelas, 5 morphs of O pumilio, 6 Sp of Raniyomyer, Hyloxalus azureiventris, Ameegera bassleri sisa, Phylobates, terrib mints & Aurotiana " green", Golen Mantella & green Mantella (I know not dendro but just love them), E Antohnyi SI & orange Galactonotatus. Some of my frogs are breeding, I am just waiting for my first Amegeera tad to morph, just getting back legs, dad is on another large clutch of eggs, my T Azureas are producing some cracking froglets & my pum Uayama & Loma Partida produce the occasional froglet. My R imitator Cainarichi Valley have just spawned for the first time, my Sirensis highlands spawn regular but have yet to find a froglet. Looking forward to being back & hope to be a regular on here in future, Mike.