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  1. Tinc Patricia Carrying Tads

    Great photos mate!
  2. Test Tubes & Suction Clips

    Cheers guys!
  3. Www.amphibianforest.co.uk

    Got some spring cultures & they were amazing! Best I've ever bought!
  4. Any body got any advice on where to get test tubes and the clips with suction cups? Also what size do people use for pums & rans? I would like to give them a try as an alernative to film cans, it would be nice to watch them grow
  5. Black Jeans

    Awesome! Would you let me know when you have some juvis available please mate as I'm eager to add them to my collection
  6. Black Jeans

    Will you have any young for sale in the near future mate? Also are they the spotted variant?
  7. Black Jeans

    Cheers mate, will do
  8. Black Jeans

    Is any body in the UK currently keeping/Breeding black jeans?
  9. Aluminium Profile

    Cheers nick!
  10. Aluminium Profile

    Thanks Kev! I'll give them a ring to price up Thanks again, Brendan
  11. Aluminium Profile

    Hi, Does any body know of anywhere that will cut aluminium profile to exact measurements? Also anywhere to buy the connectors & foamboard at a decent price? Thanks, Brendan
  12. Www.amphibianforest.co.uk

    Good luck mate!
  13. 1/4"/6Mm Bulkhead

    Any body know where I can get some 1/4" - 6mm Bulkheads to fit 10mm drilled holes? Thanks
  14. Cerpofor Bactyfec

    Has any body ever used this to treat infections, or prevent infections in new frogs? I've been given conflicting advice, from dartfrog and dutch Rana, and just wondered if anyone had used it.
  15. Granulifera Legality?

    Thanks for that Ross, yeah I saw the ones on the grange website, that's what spurred the question. I wouldn't buy them on those descriptions alone anyway, it's just last I heard there were no legal imports, and not much info on locale variations. Hopefully the legally export soon as I'd love some "blue/red" & "green granny" or Osa Peninsula & Damitas