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  1. Panama pumilio ban

    Hi Stu nice to hear from you mate been such a long time! What iv heard is that the European Union is the ones that have banned the imports from panama as they don't believe that the frogs are coming from captive farmed facilities as were told I presume they are still allowing from other countries hence the recent imports of blue jeans not from panama
  2. Anyone heard of the pumilio import ban into Europe?
  3. Histrionica bullseye

    Iv had some good success from my black histrionica bullseye over the past 18 months, after moving some to others to get new blood lines I have decided to release 5 when the new batch come of age after July-august these are awesome bold frogs and very active. If you are seriously interested in some f1 bullseye please message me. At the moment I have not mentioned this on any other forum or fb page so uk gets first chance. Sorry about multiple pics as technology and me are not peas in pod ted
  4. Please Read

    Such a shame nick if you did close it down but do see your point as I am also guilty of doing it as others to. With Facebook and other social media sites I doesn't help one bit and would be a shame to lose the only uk site.
  5. Johnb56

    Happy birthday mate
  6. Dartfrog Hybrid Research

    Iv seen this before john and it's well interesting!
  7. Nicks Birthday

    Happy belated birthday wizard! 🎉🎉
  8. Escudo Baby's

    Sorry meant jack
  9. Escudo Baby's

    Mark what type of bromeliads are in the viv with them? Try keeping an eye on the female first thing in the morning as if she is feeding she will be going to the same axle each time then you will know where she has dropped them. Try not to disturb too much as she will leave them. Is she still laying more eggs? Steve.
  10. Vincentei Offspring

    Maybe yes but would like to get a few pairs before hand
  11. Vincentei Offspring

    So 2 months on the young are getting nice and strong and colouring up nicely [uR L=http://s1264.photobucket.com/user/skoobanut/media/1F12A634-3A70-4548-A673-3993D02914D8.png.html][/url]
  12. New Member

    Welcome to the addiction Peter . Steve
  13. Happy Birthday John

    Happy birthday mate
  14. Vincentei Offspring

    Here are some pics of vincentei offspring. Some raised by their parents and some fostered off to escudo parents. The first 3 pictures are from escudo raised. The last two were raised by the vincentei parents.
  15. Redhead Histrionica Question

    Gordan I do 20mins per week. And normally in 1 go