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  1. Hi mate, tried to PM you about pumilio availability but says you can't receive PMs?


    My contact email is gex18@hotmail.co.uk and phone number's 07392113178 if you have anything for sale.


    Many thanks :)

  2. Azureus Eggs

    OK mate cheers
  3. hi guys just a quick question I have a young pair of azureus which have just started laying for me the first clutch was fertile but the second clutch isn't I thought it was the first few clutches would be bad then eventually be fertile I'm a little confused on this have any of you experienced the same thanks wint
  4. Ent Viv Substrate

    oh right yea could do don't folks use pieces of Cork bark as well
  5. Ent Viv Substrate

    I'm trying to stay away from silicone altogether mate do you think one of those xiam strips would work
  6. Ent Viv Substrate

    no I have to use a turkey baster to drain it and that sounds good kev bit ideally I'd need to do it in a day take the frogs out redo it and then but them back
  7. Ent Viv Substrate

    hi guys i know this may be a stupid question but how do you keep your substrate in ent vivs without it filling the gully as all mine had peat plates when i bought them but would like to change afew any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
  8. Phyllobates Bicolor

    hi mate i have a young group of 4 just starting to colour up nicely like gordon said very bold and always hungry lol
  9. Moss

    never tried mate been tempted but always thought better of it as the way ive bin doing it works for me but i dont see why i wouldnt
  10. Moss

    i personally collect live moss from woodlands nearby but if you choose to do this collect from elevated places were amphibians have had no chance of contact like bastien said chytrid could be a problem well a big problem lol then i just fill a bucket with hot water (not boiling) and leave to soak for a while to kill of any eggs and bug then rinse afew times with cold water i find it does really well if enough light is provided mate
  11. Garden Shed

    Yea I'd go for kingspan mate best on the market in my opinion I'd also look at weatherby mate that's what we're using at the min and they don't seem to bad when I get round to doing mine I'm going to use kingspan 120cm by 60cm and 90 mm thick pal
  12. Garden Shed

    Hi mate bun reading your post and I've bin considering something similar and I'm quite fortunate as my job in externally insulating and rendering houses so I'll be able to get all the insulation and equipment free but as far as I can say your project will only be as good and reliable as the money you put into mate you carnt cut corners or go for the inferior products or otherwise it just leaves problems wicth will lead to more money spent pal hope this helps somewhat
  13. Absolute Beginner.

    Awesome looking viv dude well done