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  1. Few More Piccys Of The Viv

    just been adding a few more bits to the viv
  2. nice mate added some of these today myself
  3. Just Pick This Up

    a few pics getting there
  4. Just Pick This Up

    sure has mate
  5. Just Pick This Up

    new project for me to do just picked this up 60x60x45 hopefully get some nice frogys in there when finished
  6. Latest Arrival

    nice mate i might get in touch with them for my next viv
  7. Lucky Reptile Sn-1 Super Fog Nano

    ok mate what other wld u recomend
  8. Lucky Reptile Sn-1 Super Fog Nano

    what others do u recomend
  9. just wonded if anybody has used or have one of these just wanted there verdict on it was thinking of getting one i no there is one review on amazon but wanted a few more http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lucky-Reptile-SN-1-Super-Nano/dp/B004N0ID4I/ref=pd_sim_sbs_petsupplies_2
  10. D. Auratus'el Cope'

    nice mate
  11. Piccy Of The Phantasmal Froggys

    they are colouring nicely just a bad pic
  12. Piccy Of The Phantasmal Froggys

    yes mate they get it