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  1. adding cork bark

    you can put thew frogs in a tub with a hide and wet kitchen paper for 24 hours till the silicone has cured.
  2. Native/alien herps

    great find! thanks!
  3. https://noticias.canalrcn.com/nacional-bogota/bogota-recuperan-ranas-peligro-extincion-iban-ser-traficadas-alemania?fbclid=IwAR3FJfTV7lmw9AfNng4X6OYB78p46gNVl0HEsSNLMLxDX4QR1-93C36XMss
  4. Terribilis build

    looking great they will love those rocks, *your aviator is quite disturbing though
  5. Stranger things!

    very cool John!
  6. Peperomia albovittata

    the pilea deressa will spread quite rapidly i found cuttings are enough to get it started don't need to plant the pot. Albovittata will also do well just be careful to remove and commercial soil from the plant.
  7. Cork trunk build

    I don't blame you, thank you for posting so far I have enjoyed your images.
  8. Cork trunk build

    great job so far whats going in there?
  9. which plants

    I don't think mixing is a big issue if you know what your doing and there's enough space. It's something people new to the hobby are keen on and most experienced breeders go against that as some combination of frogs won't work out in the long term. I would say that a major joy from the hobby is breeding and watching courting behavior from the frogs so you would miss out on that in a all male setup.
  10. which plants

    Ok so back to plants if you buy them from a dart frog shop like http://www.rainforestvivs.co.uk/ or Ben jungle all of the plants there would be ok in a terrarium.
  11. which plants

    ummm ok, have you done any research as that's not recommend at all. Have you kept PDF's before?
  12. which plants

    what frogs you planning to get as Bromeliads are a favorite for many off them.
  13. Phyllobates terribilis

    great pics, that hard treefern on the back wall.
  14. Site has been updated again to the latest version, will need to sort out the template theme as it has gone funny. I have also paid for the site to remain for another year now. I could really do with some financial support for the running costs. Just want to get people's opinion if members would prefer a donation model or a fixed membership cost per year? let me know your thoughts. thanks Nick