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    So this has come on a little bit, the lighting setup has been changed twice, with me now settling on a mixture of LED and T5 Some growth photos of the RIo Branco setup : IMG_20190307_144234 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr IMG_20190307_144229 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr Second 24*18*24 exo has been converted, 'scaped and planted : lid11 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr lid15 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr 'Scaped : 20181119_172633 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr 20181119_172649 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr Freshly planted : newviv by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr Now : Escudo 1 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr Inhabitants : IMG_20190310_121155 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr IMG_20190310_121112 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr 18*18*24 exo freshly scaped, this time using Fluval Stratum planting substrate : IMG_20190316_165341 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr IMG_20190316_173056 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr IMG_20190316_173158 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr IMG_20190316_173303 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr Just a brief update for now
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    This is my single big viv built onto and around my freezer. Mostly recycled glass and various poly boards glued to my wall recirculated water section drip wall on left out of view little stream left empties into water/filter on right. I had the inspired idea to wrap hygrolon then hessian around drip“vine” so Itwould be festooned with climbers moss ferns and the like. This Immediately failed and rotted like a pear and grew liver like fungus. Other than that it’s gone ok ish. There is enough light in the top to start a ganja farm but still not too satisfied with growth/colours tbh. Got 6 vents 5 leucs and 3 Santa Isabel all getting on and breeding with exception of Isabel who are all boys( any girls out there). How does everyone get such lush green/purple growth? Anyone else got large setups? Does anyone let non oophaga species get on with it entirely in the tank? That’s the plan with the Isabel’s. I was obsessed with the idea of this build but now I can only see limitations. Now craving little tidy boxes with pairs in them. Comments/critique welcome John
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    After 7 Months countless hours building a viv the size of my fridge gluing peat to walls and spending enough cash to take the kids to Florida...... my first easiest cheapest dart frog has got an arm! Was it worth it yeeeeeeeah think so
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    Shame mate. This is the problem with pets, sometimes people buy on a whim Particularly things like fashionable dogs parrots (live 60years) and big exotics. I would have taken on a baby Burmese python or such at the drop of a hat as a kid. In the 70s you could pick yourself up a beautiful baby alligator for next to nothing. In 3 years you’ve got something that needs a heated shed and eats a piglet once a fortnight.i look on forums and people must just have racks of sweater boxes rammed full of royal python morphs and super dwarf retics.they might as well be pictures. That’s why I went into the frogs they are at least living a similar life to the wild and are stimulated.there are turtles the size of dinner plates in my local duck pond. There was a hellbender Salamanda in one park near me! And even a pair of dummerills boas and some venomous rattlesnakes/Pitt vipers. Stupidity. They could so easily have been rehomed. People want stuffbut don’t want the work or care about the consequences of dumping animals.
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    UPDATE: The little one appears to be coming along nicely.....
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    Riobranco1 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr Riobranco2 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr Riobranco3 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr Riobranco4 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr This is an unsexed juvenile group - 0.0.4
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    Despite lack of help tad wise I’m having little successes easy frogs I know but no spindly leg that I was cursed with last time I frogged. I am your father leuc
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    Ranitomeya Sirensis Highland With Tadpole.
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    easy again I know but just found first Isabel clutch after searching out a girl(or two?) woo hoo. Most of them look brown bread but suppose it’s a first clutch young frog thing
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    Scaphosepalum verrucosum, these are tiny so sorry for the sub par phone photo.
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    eastern bank locations and hours thought I’d share pic of best lil jungly viv. Needs a trim. Ferns totally self sown. I’ve agonised over hard scapes and planting in past with mixed results. This one tree fern bunged in few plants I had last year filled out great. Do wish I’d stumbled in this site before everyone had left to the dark side(face book etc) suppose its inevitable. I’m trying to resist
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    I went the LED route too, using LED tape (High brightness stuff, not the cheapo under kitchen cabinet stuff). This allowed me to control the lighting and produce decent day\night cycles plus silly stuff like this:
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    Ive always wanted an Albino frog/tadpole, don't ask me why, but I just did. In all the years ive been keeping/breeding I would have thought I would have chanced upon one but never did..until now!. Albino banded Imitator. Also a picture of a normal banded tad for comparison. and just when I thought it couldnt get any stranger/weirder!? A two-headed tadpole. No idea which species this was as I don't record the species on their rearing tubs. Sadly this guy didn't last more than a couple of days, but thats probably for the best.
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    mostly planted with stuff I’ve taken from other vivs. Couple of climbers I half inched from Stratford butterfly farm moth orchid donated by old customer dwarf mondo grass seems tough not sure how it will work long term. Seeded lawn with chopped Xmas moss need to add hut and forest “pot pourii”
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    The Albino tadpole is now almost a froglet!, and should be on land within the next week. Again ive included a picture of one of its siblings for comparison.
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    Hi, Thought I'd share a photo of my two vivs, up top is a pair of Excidobates mysteriosus, and the lower contains the trio of Phyllobates bicolor. Set up both in November after the frogs had spent time in temporary accommodation after vivs broken during a house move. No plans to keep any more species at the moment, it's about all I can manage with a full time job and two children, however I do have a retirement plan.
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    A few photos with the new plants in : Planting 2 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr New plants by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr Planting 3 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr Planting 5 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr Pleurothallis by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr Focus Panama by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr
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    done big water change mass feed filled reservoir put couple tads in morph out tubs ore holiday. Got a leuc and azureus clutch not quite ready to hatch so tried this. Petri dish just fits diagonally into ferrero rocher box half filled with r o oak leaves tiny amount food. Hopefully they hatch slide down absorb yolk for couple days before cannibalism begins.
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    what time does bp gas station open 4 of these spotty bellies( couldn’t fit in image) doing the no pants dance in the condesation. Venri=belly maculata=spotty hence venrimaculata you can imagine a zoologists with a jar full of these in the jungle.
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    New build to fit above my existing vivs to maximise space available. 800 wide 400 deep 470 high. Using reclaimed glass from old double glazed units. initial building of tank using slate to partition. Left side imitators/vanzolinii right side pumilio
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    the nearest gas station around me best I could get
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    you know when your mates that good looking he just doesn’t try. Bog standard dart frog bit of wood bit of green Lovely
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    Well a year later one of mine has finally started calling!
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    First of my orchids to flower in viv, smells great too.
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    oit on the “lawn” more solid more yellow more bold hope his mates join him soon
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    Pretty much done added two mature cultures white woodlice loads springtails. Just need to phone wonga and stick some froggies in. Looks less busy in flesh just can’t get decent picture
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    Still tiny bit shy 2 days in 6 little bi color images upload
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    tiny musroom on a single azzie turd marvelous
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    I am a bit biased but I'd say it was worth it They turned out pretty darn well if you ask me, they've become one of my favorites!
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    Bicolors are great frogs and more lively then terribilis.They can be a nicer colour in many cases also. regards Gordon
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    What a difference a day makes turd mushroom update
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    Crappy photo good find cheers kroot just split 4 fat azureus into I believe 2 sexed pairs. Cheers JohnB56 secured 6 well priced bi colour. Cheers jone5 decent evening
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    rock beach done hygrolon patch between bigger rocks dips into trough at front will grow aquatic moss lawn but rock will remain dry most of time avoiding foot rot. Update when lights in. Using 2x24 watt 7000 k suspended ceiling lights got them on my two 40 cubes above seem to work great and cheap as chips
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    Cheers John.if anyone’s interested here’s my rack. Not too busy now seemed to ha e stopped breeding. Hot weather? Got these 25 mm tubes at 45 degrees in rack the angle helps keep rack closer,can access back ones better and gives a bit more surface area.they foul relatively quickly so got to clean often but looking at 70 odd tads in a square foot of wall space.i know vents are super hardy so may not work for all thumbs
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    viv by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr
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    Amazing, thanks for sharing mate.
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    Most of the bromeliads are miniature neoregelias e.ge Neo 'red waif', the largest species are neo 'fireball'
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    No idea what you mean Initial planting done in the new build, luckily using just brom offshoots and cuttings : IMG_20190329_115917 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr IMG_20190329_115941 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr IMG_20190329_115922 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr IMG_20190329_115932 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr IMG_20190329_120006 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr
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    first eggs after some heavy petting. 4 eggs one looked wrong then a second bloated but these two look ok for first attempt. I honestly have only heard one croak from tincs and it was from the other viv.
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    I've done the same before mate ha ha. If you need any advice on positioning/watering etc just give me a shout.
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    initial placement of awful looking foam chunks.
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    Sorry Nick...just seen this...Happy Birthday mate. regards Gordon
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    Terribilis viv is now bi color viv.found some yellow terribs on line. Turned out to be reptile place kroot got his mints? Phoned up got loads mate! Turned out it was 2 and they were definitely orangeish not the yellow long winded locale quoted. Anyway going for 6 little bi color courtesy of jone5
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    They're smashing through the dusted Hydei already.
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    Well done. Have plenty of food ready for when they morph as they are voracious feeders. regards Gordon
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