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    done big water change mass feed filled reservoir put couple tads in morph out tubs ore holiday. Got a leuc and azureus clutch not quite ready to hatch so tried this. Petri dish just fits diagonally into ferrero rocher box half filled with r o oak leaves tiny amount food. Hopefully they hatch slide down absorb yolk for couple days before cannibalism begins.
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    what time does bp gas station open 4 of these spotty bellies( couldn’t fit in image) doing the no pants dance in the condesation. Venri=belly maculata=spotty hence venrimaculata you can imagine a zoologists with a jar full of these in the jungle.
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    Scaphosepalum verrucosum, these are tiny so sorry for the sub par phone photo.
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    The ones I got from you are pumping out the tads! Be nervy, but chirping away like a mad thing.
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    Restrepia brachypus and Aerangis fastuosa blooms from this morning.
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    you know when your mates that good looking he just doesn’t try. Bog standard dart frog bit of wood bit of green Lovely
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