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    Hi there, Just thought I would introduce myself. I have been keeping high end carpet pythons and green tree pythons for 36 years now. In the last 5 years I've had some bad luck by having an aggressive form of acute myeloid leukaemia, after relapsing 3 time and having now 2 stem cell transplants, everything is good now (I hope). I started keeping frogs about 5 years ago with a lounge display tank, 1mtr x 600mm x 600mm all glass Ent tank. This just has a group of leuc's in, I have just revamp this on the same lines of Raf denier's paludarium. Now I have decided to expand with a separate building which is 32ft x 24ft, insulated, heated, air conditioned ect. I have a rack with 17 x 20" square fibreglass cubes originally made for green tree pythons, these are reserved for thumb nails and pumilio's. I also have racking, lights, thermostats and heating for 18 x 700mm x 400mm x 400mm ent tanks with a further 8 x 400mm x 400mm 600mm ent tanks. So far I have; 2.6 tricolors 0.0.2 imitator (varadero) 0.0.3 auratus (blue & black) 0.0.4 galactonotus 1.1 azureus 1.1 mysteriosus 1.1 pumilio salt creek 1.1 pumilio red frog beach 1.1 pumilio isla colon So plenty more to get, I will be checking the classifieds on a regular basis, so keep an eye out for me. I also keep marine tanks with corals, 4 of these all in the house, with one with seahorse in. I also have a pair of patterdale terriers and rare breed chickens so life is very busy. When I get a minute I will post so pictures of my building. That about it for now, any questions I will be very happy to answer them. Steve
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    After some thinking i have decided to make this post about my experience with UK customs/CITES to try and share some knowledge on the subject and to put all of the rumors to sleep! Ok, as some of you may know on December 13th i went to the Hamm show in Germany (great show and weekend BTW) the trip home... not so much! The show itself was AMAZING and i do recommend going to anyone who is in the hobby or interested in any reptiles/inverts/amphibians! I went round looking at all the tables etc bought some nice plants from Bert and some dry goods from a few different stalls. And the animals i bought from different tables were: 6 x Minyobates Steyermarki, 3 x Oophaga Sylvatica 'whitefoots', 2 x Oophaga Histrionicus 'red head',1 x Ranitomeya Imitator 'Banded', 3 x Ranitomeya Imitator 'Baja Huallaga' and 2 x Sphaerodactylus Argus. So i went home on the bus back from Dortmund>London and the driver took the euro star route and not the ferry route. Got to french border control, all off the bus and all belongings into the passport control area and checked over and all bags etc xrayed. I was a little worried because i wondered what they might think about the frogs in my polystyrene box, i saw them crowd around the screen and had a few puzzled faces and then laughed and waved me on! Then onto the UK border about 20 meters down the road, this time all off and just passports, so going through passport control there, and i get stopped and asked some 'routine' questions about my short trip to Germany. I answered them truthfully, and said i went out to meet friends i have met online and too attend an animal show in Germany called 'Terraristika Hamm'. I was then asked if i had purchased any animals, i replied yes and said the list of what i purchased, then i was asked to provide paperwork for them. Which to my knowledge i had everything that i needed... So before i went i asked a few people who had brought things back in the past, and the general consensus was that you needed a breeders certificate to prove that the animals were captivity bred, and this is what all the breeders told me at the show and had no problem writing me out the paperwork (i will attach a picture for example). The customs investigator then took the paperwork into the office to liaison with Heathrow CITES team. 10 minutes later came back to me, telling me that the train was leaving in 5 minutes and that the Heathrow team want to see the animals to correctly identify them etc... so i was issued with a notice of seizure and a contact number for the CITES team in Heathrow. Then because i was made to miss the last train on the Saturday night due to paperwork etc, had a 14 hour wait in the very cold terminal untill they finally arranged to have us transported to the UK! On the Monday i was issued with a 'COTES 5' (section 5 of the control of trade in endangered species). which they had to amend... And my task was to get proof of legal importation into the EU, which i eventually did get proof for the 4 x Ranitomeya Imitators, and the 2 x Sphaerodactylus Argus are not listed on CITES so didn't need any proof! Getting in touch with the breeders of the Oophaga histrionicus 'Red Heads' and the Oophaga Sylvatica 'Whitefoots' wasnt very easy and then getting across the point that i need proof of legal importation was even harder! And the best i got from them was proof of purchase of their adults and proof that the frogs that were sold to me were bred in captivity. Getting in touch with the couple that sold me the Minyobates wasn't hard at all. lovely, kind and very helpful people! But could not prove that the frogs were imported legally into the EU. They had the original proof that dated back to 2006 when they bought the frogs from a professor at the local university but could not get in touch with him for further information. They did however produce me some paperwork, that they have to fill out in their country, that (the best i could translate) basically registers pets with the local council? Unfortunately the CITES team had never heard of such a thing. So after submitting all my research and information to them and waiting for a reply, i received this... And so to settle any rumors going around, EVERYTHING was seized and will never be returned to me! I have not done this for sympathy, i have done it to educate people on a very grey and misunderstood area of our hobby! I hope this helps people understand what is needed to bring dart frogs back from Hamm 100% legally. I'm more than happy to answer any questions on my experience that anyone has for me! Regards, Miles.
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    My fav' female (frog that is) died this evening. Looking very round and full of eggs. She was around 8 years old. Any idea how long these guys live? Her partner and half sis are still alive and well.
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    Just thought i'd introduce myself, i've currently got a group of 4 D. leucomelas. I've had them for roughly 3 months now and absolutely love them, much more interesting than my RETF's. I've probably been lurking on various forums for over a year and half, Mainly Dendroboard, but have only recently found Poisonfrog and its great to find an active forum for the dart frog hobby on this side of the pond. Over the next few months i hope to get a few more species when i get my Biopod and if i can sell my RETF's, ideally some imitators and some super blues. Anyway thats pretty much it, just wanted to say hi and that i'm looking forward to reading more of the forum.
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    New viv for my Sirensis Highland, hoping for a group of ten. 3ft Long x 2ft Wide x 4ft High. The background is made of 50mm Polystyrene Sheets, Brown HA6 Marine Silicone and Eco Earth. All ready for the frogs at the weekend, group of six for now.
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    Stu - I've been trying to PM you but you can't receive. I've dropped you an email. If you could get in touch, that would be great. Cheers, Nick
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    We have some nice unusual and rarer plants now available. For names and prices check out our website www.rainforestvivs.co.uk Richie
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    What do we think of this? Has anyone tried them in a dartfrog viv. yet? I assume the springtails will eat all the spores before they get very far? http://www.amazon.co.uk/mushroom-Panellus-stipticus-culture-substrate/dp/B00R3ITJBI/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1459340319&sr=8-2&keywords=glow+in+the+dark+mushrooms
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    Total beginner.Never kept a frog before but hoping to learn lots from this forum.Based in Rhondda,S.Wales so any local froggers get in touch as looking at other peoples set-ups will give me ideas how to set mine up.Converting an exo terra to a dartfrog viv.
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    Hi has anyone bred Galatcs on here?
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    Anyone got any tips on keeping / breeding mysties please? I have kept and bred a wide range of dartfrogs but had a bad experience with mysties and lost all of mine. Looking to possibly get a pair or trio again and am looking for tips from people who have kept and bred them successfully. regards Gordon
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    im about to get my 2nd exoterra viv. but this one is a 45x45x60 . ill be converting it the same way as my other one southern variabilis. but what spices do i go for .????? another thumbnail speices or something else?
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    I have decided to turn my study into a frog room and would like to hear what kind of racking systems you guys use. I am not very DIY orientated, I have MS and am in a wheelchair, so something I can buy off the net would suit. I have a great neighbor who could help with assembly.
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    Will still be some time sorting out my viv.Never ordered enough plants off RVs so had to put a 2nd order in. Have been looking at what sort of dartfrog i think might do well in my viv.I want something that will be out a lot,climbs about and doesn't just stay on the bottom, and can be ok if i get more than one of them.So far decided on Ranitomeya Variabilis.Is this a good choice for a beginner?
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    hi all i am new to keeping dart frog and just setting up my 1st viv and looking to start off with a small group of bumble bee darts. Hoping to find someone in devon that breeds them any help will be great. thanks marc
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    All, the hosting provider is migrating this site to another server. The upgrade/migration will take place on Tuesday 21st of April at 07:00PM. The upgrade/migration will continue through to Wednesday 22nd of April till 07:00AM BST. During this upgrade/migration you are likely to experience intermittent downtime and outages while the migration takes place. Hopefully we won't be down for very long. thanks Nick
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    Just snapped some pics of my salt creeks so thought I'd share. Mark.
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    ive an exoterra 45x45x45 and hoping on to use jungle dawn but wondered what would fit in the exoterra canopy. will the 9w or13w fit . also do you think I could use one jungle dawn and one of the bulbs that I'm using or just get 2 jungle dawns .
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    What a little poser! One of my Ranitomeya variabilis southern. Thank you Dave! And also Dale at DMS for getting them to me safely. In love already! <3
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    I'm just wondering what moss is recommended ie live moss or prepacked moss, and what type of moss. Could I use moss from outside. do you really need moss in our vivs joe
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    HI. My name is Tenzin (obviously lol). We have 11 pets 3 dogs, 3 cats, 4 snakes and a Bearded Dragon. I'm from Scotland but stay in Berwick upon tweed now. I have a beautiful wife and 3 kids and we, well I, hope to have Dart frogs soon but I've came here to learn as much as I can about all aspects of keeping Dart frogs as well as best husbandry to keep them in perfect living health Looking forward to speaking with yous and picking your brains lol
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    Was in the shed tonight and found a 1st Valle de agua froglet, so chuffed And then a couple of hours later I seen a 2nd one close to morphing out
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    I'm thinking of putting a heatmat on a stat set at about 75F under my exo terra before setting it all up..I intend buying a jungle dawn led light for the plants so there won't be lots of heat from that.The front room where the viv will be situated is normally about 20C by day dropping to around 17C at night. Is this a good idea?
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    Hello everybody, I am a 68 year old with MS and a wheelchair user. I started keeping Frogs in January and am already learning from my mistakes.(So I am an old (ish) man who is new to the hobby) I live in Leicestershire and would love to catch up with anyone close to me. I want to set up a Frog room and would love to see some other set ups for ideas. I currently have 4 Leucs and 3 Golden Mantellas. Thanks Ian
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    Hi guy's A new guy around here. Making a return to frogging, 3 or 4 years ago i had to pack it in due to a house move, into a renovation project. The house is about there now though. So dreams of spare time are entering back into my head!!! Been reading alot and catching up on the hobby and planning on building a viv up soon. Can't decide on a frog.. But that just means more vivs right?? I previously kept; O.pumilio 'colon' R.imitator 'intermedius' D.tinctorius 'Alanis' & 'Azzies' I like the bold attitude of the tincs and have a soft spot Azzies being my first frogs, also think my young kids would enjoy seeing them. But i used to find the more elusive imis more adhering so torn to start back up with thumbs or tincs. I always wanted mysties and lamasai 'highland' but they was very expensive back then and regarded very hard species to keep. After reading around this site for a few weeks im reading mysties not so much anymore.. Im really tempted to start with a small group of these.. Just wanted to say hi anyways. Sorry for going on. Be prepared to have you're brains picked guys.. Mark.
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    I've been asked a few times about how I go about culturing Pea Aphids so thought I'd do a quick guide to how I go about it I think these are pretty much the easiest species of feeder insect to culture, certainly the fastest and the frogs love them. First up I use Leo brand peas from the supermarket. I'm sure other brands would do just as well but these are what I can get easily and cheaply. I put about 100-150 peas in a little pot to soak overnight to start the germination process. This is enough to start 5 individual cultures. The next day I set the culture pots by placing a wet sheet of kitchen roll into the bottom of a 1 pint plastic cup. This is then squashed flat using the base of another pot I then add the peas, just enough to give a very loose single layer on the kitchen roll, and then gently press these in. The uncovered cultures are placed on an East facing windowsill. Over the next few days spray the peas lightly with water if they start to dry out. The seeds will produce a root by the next day and the first green shoot will appear about 2 days later. At this point I introduce the aphids, about 20 to each culture, and cover the tub with blue kitchen cloth. Roots at day 2 Shoots at day 4 Keep the kitchen roll moist, I use a syringe to squirt water through the cloth, about 5ml at a time but only if it starts to look a little dry. About one week later the culture will have grown and will have hundreds of new aphids. It should look roughly like this To harvest the aphids is a simple matter of removing the lid and tapping them into a clean dry container. From here they can be used to start new cultures or dusted with whatever supplement you use and fed to your frogs. Hope you find this useful Huw
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    Absolutely love these frogs! Unbelievably bold, couldn't care less that I'd removed the front glass and shoved a camera in their face!! :-) Dendrobates tinctorius 'citronella':
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    We are pleased and excited to announce that Rainforestvivs have been asked to be the sole UK direct reseller for frogs from Tesoros Columbia. We are now taking orders for the first batch of orange and yellow black footed Phyllobates Terribilis, Dendrobates Trunctatus and Phyllobates aurotaenia yellow and green which will be available through us next March. We are also pleased to announce that we can now get orders through Understory as well and will shortly be putting up a list of whats available. cheers Richie
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    Iv had some good success from my black histrionica bullseye over the past 18 months, after moving some to others to get new blood lines I have decided to release 5 when the new batch come of age after July-august these are awesome bold frogs and very active. If you are seriously interested in some f1 bullseye please message me. At the moment I have not mentioned this on any other forum or fb page so uk gets first chance. Sorry about multiple pics as technology and me are not peas in pod ted
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    my Question is how do you all feed your darts with tropical dwarf woodlice? At the moment ive a culture in a lunch box type box with a woodlice substrate with the odd teabag on top. the way I feed them is by taking a pinch of the substrate with a few woodlice amongst it. surly theres a better way to feed them without loseing the substrate.
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    Just wanted to say thanks for adding me and hello to all. Relative newbie. Started with some D. Tinctorius cobalt and seem to be going OK. In the process of starting a bigger viv build and hoping for some ideas and inspiration here Looking forward to checking out the site. Greg
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    Came home to this little gem today from my salt creeks!! Mark.
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    There's a lot of information, both for and against, leaving or staying. While I tend to believe in thinking objectively about what would best for the country when casting my vote, I'm also curious whether (if the country decides to leave) there could be any foreseeable impact on our hobby? Could import laws change for example and make it more difficult to bring frogs back from our trips to Hamm? Or could it be more difficult to receive plant orders from Germany or Holland? Or perhaps any changes to impact out hobby is unlikely either way? Would love to hear what you think.
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    Collected 5 new additions this evening, really please to have added Blue-legged Mantella - Mantella expectata to the collection... Now I cannot wait to collect my new vivarium and stock up on plants at the BAKS show
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    Hi all, Things a little quite over at Dendroworld these days, so I'm glad to find another UK based board. I've been in the hobby a fair while, but had to sell up and scale down considerably last summer (all of my frogs + a lot of my plants), for plans to emigrate. That didn't work out in the end, so still here in London for the foreseeable future. I've kept Ranitomeya imitator 'Chazuta' and 'Varadero' and R. Lamasi 'Highland'. Gradually scaling back up (equipment, plants, etc. ...no frogs yet).
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    The viv is still growing in and I've not managed to get any climbing species going yet but mosses and liverworts are doing ok and broms producing pups. There's a long way to go on how I want the viv to look but it's a start.
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    Well after relocating to Devon and settling in.i have started to furnish a new tank for future frogs. I have realised after telling wifey no more frogs that a planted tank without frogs should actually be a criminal offence. So in light of this realisation i will in the new year purchase some of our little endearing friends. I will post pics when i get a min. I must say i have missed all my freinds off here and look forward to hosting frog days or weekends again
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    some more RFb kids another long road project all being held until such time as we have exactly what we want seeya Stu
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    As I said earlier, who among us can prove that every dartfrog they have now, or any they have had in the past, has legitimate paperwork to say it was exported from its home country legally, and is this paperwork legitimate or has someone just drafted something up to fool people. Even some of the dartfrog keepers from the "secret forum" may struggle to provide watertight evidence of this, so it is very difficult to hold a moral and ethical stance against others unless your own hands are scrupiosly clean. There is an old saying..."Those who live in glasshouses should'nt throw stones". regards Gordon
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    Well here it is.......my first 'nikita' froglet!!! This one is the first to fully morph but with a handful very close behind, I'll post pics of a few others when their fully out of the water. I know raising tincs isn't exactly the elite of the dart frog hobby but it's taking me a LONG time to get this far with this morph and not to mention the dent it made in my wallet after my horrendous start!! Needless to say I'm well chuffed
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    JohnB56's Frog room continued: Froglet rearing Storage/tadpole rearing/culturing area: Tadpole system: A few vivarium close-ups:
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    JohnB56's Frog room Please forgive some of the angles the pictures are taken at, I don't have a lot of room to stand back and get everything in the shot RACK 1 RACK 2 RACK 3 RACK 4 RACK 5
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    Was in the frog room and see this little guy I. The rearing tub, managed to get a nice belly shot
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