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    Well a year later one of mine has finally started calling!
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    No idea what you mean Initial planting done in the new build, luckily using just brom offshoots and cuttings : IMG_20190329_115917 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr IMG_20190329_115941 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr IMG_20190329_115922 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr IMG_20190329_115932 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr IMG_20190329_120006 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr
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    eastern bank locations and hours thought I’d share pic of best lil jungly viv. Needs a trim. Ferns totally self sown. I’ve agonised over hard scapes and planting in past with mixed results. This one tree fern bunged in few plants I had last year filled out great. Do wish I’d stumbled in this site before everyone had left to the dark side(face book etc) suppose its inevitable. I’m trying to resist
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