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    easy again I know but just found first Isabel clutch after searching out a girl(or two?) woo hoo. Most of them look brown bread but suppose it’s a first clutch young frog thing
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    Crappy photo good find cheers kroot just split 4 fat azureus into I believe 2 sexed pairs. Cheers JohnB56 secured 6 well priced bi colour. Cheers jone5 decent evening
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    mostly planted with stuff I’ve taken from other vivs. Couple of climbers I half inched from Stratford butterfly farm moth orchid donated by old customer dwarf mondo grass seems tough not sure how it will work long term. Seeded lawn with chopped Xmas moss need to add hut and forest “pot pourii”
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    rock beach done hygrolon patch between bigger rocks dips into trough at front will grow aquatic moss lawn but rock will remain dry most of time avoiding foot rot. Update when lights in. Using 2x24 watt 7000 k suspended ceiling lights got them on my two 40 cubes above seem to work great and cheap as chips
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    Sorry John but your to late, they've already announced the winner of the wildlife photographer of the year
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    Well the French are notoriously awkward. Mine have acted differently the more brexit fiasco has been strung out
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    Growing like little weeds, not surprised though, they're like bottomless pits.
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    Looking very nice indeed. Frogs should be chuffed when they move in.
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    Cheeeeers sister in law sent me avatar seemed a waste not to use it. You can tell it’s a girl small toe pads
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    Viv is looking good. When you get your terribs, put them in as a group and leave them together in the viv. They dont seem to like being moved from viv to viv and group to group once they are settled in and are fully grown...i bred hundreds of yellow terribs a few year back as a group of 2.2 in a similar sized viv. They loved it and wouldnt stop breeding, laying 15 to 20 eggs every few weeks for over 3 years...in the end i was giving groups of youngsters away because i had flooded the market. The only way i could stop them breeding was to split them into two groups of 1.1...they didnt like that and never bred again. They are great frogsand i hope you enjoy them. In my opinion the yellows are the healthiest and fittest, followed by the orange and then the mints. regards Gordon
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    Huzzah! Great to see. Hope it was my girl . Soon you will be up to your elbows in them.
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    Good stuff mate, always nice to see.
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    Your male won't shut up now, all good!
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