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    eastern bank locations and hours thought I’d share pic of best lil jungly viv. Needs a trim. Ferns totally self sown. I’ve agonised over hard scapes and planting in past with mixed results. This one tree fern bunged in few plants I had last year filled out great. Do wish I’d stumbled in this site before everyone had left to the dark side(face book etc) suppose its inevitable. I’m trying to resist
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    the nearest gas station around me best I could get
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    Well a year later one of mine has finally started calling!
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    Dp cheers. Depending on sexes behaviour etc it is entirely possible he/she will be available and possibly coming to a viv near you.....
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    Been stocked with 4 pumilio colon one older thought to be female one older thought to be male and two younger for luck range from many tiny round spots poss male lighter blotches poss female big symmetrical lady bird style so should identify individually. Proving to be bit elusive. The likely male seems to be the one I see more and in same place.after a misting I think I just heard his first little crack at calling. Now need to watch for trouble. Not sure if I want to try the group split a pair off? May sell off when sort a pair.
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    you know when your mates that good looking he just doesn’t try. Bog standard dart frog bit of wood bit of green Lovely
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    Amazing, thanks for sharing mate.
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    Most of the bromeliads are miniature neoregelias e.ge Neo 'red waif', the largest species are neo 'fireball'
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    No idea what you mean Initial planting done in the new build, luckily using just brom offshoots and cuttings : IMG_20190329_115917 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr IMG_20190329_115941 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr IMG_20190329_115922 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr IMG_20190329_115932 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr IMG_20190329_120006 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr
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    first eggs after some heavy petting. 4 eggs one looked wrong then a second bloated but these two look ok for first attempt. I honestly have only heard one croak from tincs and it was from the other viv.
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    So this has come on a little bit, the lighting setup has been changed twice, with me now settling on a mixture of LED and T5 Some growth photos of the RIo Branco setup : IMG_20190307_144234 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr IMG_20190307_144229 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr Second 24*18*24 exo has been converted, 'scaped and planted : lid11 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr lid15 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr 'Scaped : 20181119_172633 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr 20181119_172649 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr Freshly planted : newviv by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr Now : Escudo 1 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr Inhabitants : IMG_20190310_121155 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr IMG_20190310_121112 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr 18*18*24 exo freshly scaped, this time using Fluval Stratum planting substrate : IMG_20190316_165341 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr IMG_20190316_173056 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr IMG_20190316_173158 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr IMG_20190316_173303 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr Just a brief update for now
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    Pretty much done added two mature cultures white woodlice loads springtails. Just need to phone wonga and stick some froggies in. Looks less busy in flesh just can’t get decent picture
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