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    Always been a fan of the leaf litter, and let the moss choose it's own growing points. Maybe I've just had lost too many battles with trying to get moss to work well at floor level.
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    So my attempt at ventilation : 20180420_153748 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr But the end result.... 20180420_153756 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr 20180420_153918 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr I can only think of a few reasons that i'm struggling with something seemingly so simple : - The mesh covering the vents is too fine and allowing minimal air through. - 'New glass' - i've seen that the glass tends to 'clear' after a while when it builds up a bacterial surface (though still not truly clear) - No internal circulation
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    I have been using one of these filters for years to purify my tap water. Ive never had any problems. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3-Stage-HMA-Water-Purifier-Koi-Ponds-Dechlorinator-Filter-System/122094639859?hash=item1c6d685af3:m:mL2QepJbv_hRM4LoOqa5Gjg
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    I agree with Nick....also when most people talk of mixing frogs it is in a small to medium size viv....1400mm x 700mm x 600mm is quite a size and is a different matter! Also everyone learns by trial and error with plants and frogs and everyone has different tastes, requirements, and different depths of pockets...this can be an expensive hobby if you are constantly having to replace dead frogs and dead plants because they did not prosper in whatever set up you have...i wasted a lot of money when i first started many years ago so i know to my own cost. regards Gordon
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    I don't think mixing is a big issue if you know what your doing and there's enough space. It's something people new to the hobby are keen on and most experienced breeders go against that as some combination of frogs won't work out in the long term. I would say that a major joy from the hobby is breeding and watching courting behavior from the frogs so you would miss out on that in a all male setup.
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    I had a look at foggers and a mistking and will be going with the mistking you can have a look at this may help you out
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    some of our Phyllobates terribilis Mints
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    I was planning one is south London, however life has got in the way. Maybe after some of the building work at my place I may sort a BBQ and frog frenzy at mine. Looking at may-june ish. Again depends on building and birthday frenzy. What part of S.London you lurking in?
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    One of our Phyllobates terribilis Orange
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