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    To those of us left that still haunt these pages. all the best at Christmas. Hope you all hope a frogtastic time. Adrian.
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    I have managed to source some Orange Blackfoot Terribilis from Understory and had them shipped to Dutch Rana on their last shipment to hopefully pair up my female. Here is a copy and pasted version of their reply to me...hope it helps clear a couple things up. Hi Ross, >>> Tesoros has not yet contacted us about the availability of the >>> histrionicus and lehmanni so we have no specifics as to quantities >>> available, prices or a time frame for when they will have them ready >>> for export but it is great news that they do finally have the permits >>> that >>> they need. >>> >>> We have the D. truncatus, D. auratus(2 morphs), P. aurotaenia(two morphs) >>> P. terribilis - two morphs that originate from Tesoros but right now only >>> the orange blackfoot terribilis and the D. truncatus and D.auratus are >>> breeding. >>> >>> Since any terribilis that we now sell into Europe are captive bred here >>> in Canada, you would have no proof other than our email that the founding >>> stock came from Tesoros. >>> Prices for frogs that we send to shops in Europe are always determined by >>> the importer. >>> The oldest orange blackfoots that we have are about 5 + month old now so >>> would be close to 7 months if you were able to get them for the Hamm >>> show. >>> Regards. >>> Elaine