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    Could be bacterial type problem this is normally caused by stress/malnourishment. You can buy topical worming stuff online that you dab directly onto frog in case it’s parasites but doubt it or something called bactifed I think? You can get it from dart frog probably elsewhere online. I’d separate. If you dissolve one teaspoon of salt and one teaspoon of sugar in a litre of (frog friendly) water at room temp then bath him in it in a shallow dish may boost him? It’s been suggested to me before but never got chance to try so can vouch for it. Good luck
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    done big water change mass feed filled reservoir put couple tads in morph out tubs ore holiday. Got a leuc and azureus clutch not quite ready to hatch so tried this. Petri dish just fits diagonally into ferrero rocher box half filled with r o oak leaves tiny amount food. Hopefully they hatch slide down absorb yolk for couple days before cannibalism begins.
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    what time does bp gas station open 4 of these spotty bellies( couldn’t fit in image) doing the no pants dance in the condesation. Venri=belly maculata=spotty hence venrimaculata you can imagine a zoologists with a jar full of these in the jungle.
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    Scaphosepalum verrucosum, these are tiny so sorry for the sub par phone photo.
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    It really doesn’t matter as it’s dissolved by water granulated is fine I’ve used caster but only if ran out and nicked it from kitchen.
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    Depends how many cultures you need have to mess around with it. I make around 6 per week so around half to 3/14 inch of sugar in standard measuring jug then double that amount by volume of potato flakes then double the new combined volume of ready break. I don’t measure really just by eye. Then just boiled water for ease of mixing.its not crucial really sometimes they boom like mad sometimes not so much mostly temp dependant. Not sure the vit a paprika turmeric essential but figure some filters down into grub. I also feed and dust every second day (general) with repashy calcium plus then don’t feed for s couple of days once a month (so they are slightly more inclined to feed aggressively) then dust with vit a that feed. hope helpful
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    since he has been in a vivarium on his own he as been moving about a bit more and started to eat some fruit flies so hopefully he is making good improvement and getting back to how he was
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    Just had first proper call of bi color. Had heard little attempt before couldn’t tell bi color or trivs. But just watched him yeeeeee. Unfortunately it’s the biggest one so hopefully there are a couple of weight conscious females not far behind him !!
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    i got three vets in my area but not one for amphibians will go to my local retile shop the week end and see if they know what is wrong thanks for reply
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    mmmmmmmmaggots developed a taste while I was away
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    find nearest gas station with diesel fuel perfect! 4 azureus 5 leucomelas no casualties. Everyone of my other 30-40 tads ok too not one death think minimum feed was key I’ve had water stagnate in the past happy one the whole. I can’t afford a fortnight off so I’ll never have to worry about it
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    The ones I got from you are pumping out the tads! Be nervy, but chirping away like a mad thing.
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    you know when your mates that good looking he just doesn’t try. Bog standard dart frog bit of wood bit of green Lovely
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