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    I went the LED route too, using LED tape (High brightness stuff, not the cheapo under kitchen cabinet stuff). This allowed me to control the lighting and produce decent day\night cycles plus silly stuff like this:
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    New build to fit above my existing vivs to maximise space available. 800 wide 400 deep 470 high. Using reclaimed glass from old double glazed units. initial building of tank using slate to partition. Left side imitators/vanzolinii right side pumilio
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    LED seems the only way to go to me assuming you are not bothered about uv. Yo can get jungle dawns and aquarium leds I’ve had reasonable success with the panel leds designed for suspended ceilings I’ve got I think 24 watt 7000k over 40x40 cubes and the growth is compact deep green red brooms etc. Next build I may make custom fitting out of led spots you get flush in ceilings. Day light or cold/cool light is the one to get not warm white 6500kelvin is optimum my 7000s work great and are around £20 in amazon if that
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    Still tiny bit shy 2 days in 6 little bi color images upload
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    After 7 Months countless hours building a viv the size of my fridge gluing peat to walls and spending enough cash to take the kids to Florida...... my first easiest cheapest dart frog has got an arm! Was it worth it yeeeeeeeah think so
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    Papas got a brand new batch! hes checking on the kids. Don’t think everyone will make it but sure I counted 27eggs. Won’t post again in this subject as aware this is very easy. Just can’t believe how many they lay and how often.males are great I took this film can out and he was inside then hung around as I took photo i like em a lot just had to edit to keep promise of no more Isabel posting. 2 mins after I took photo another male jumped past looking not unlike a blackberry.already got 3 different sizes of tads in pond. What do I do? Shall I remove the females for a while? I could end up with hundreds of em I’ll struggle to feed/sell. there he is the bugger
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    tiny musroom on a single azzie turd marvelous
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    I am a bit biased but I'd say it was worth it They turned out pretty darn well if you ask me, they've become one of my favorites!
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    a few pics getting there