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    Shame mate. This is the problem with pets, sometimes people buy on a whim Particularly things like fashionable dogs parrots (live 60years) and big exotics. I would have taken on a baby Burmese python or such at the drop of a hat as a kid. In the 70s you could pick yourself up a beautiful baby alligator for next to nothing. In 3 years you’ve got something that needs a heated shed and eats a piglet once a fortnight.i look on forums and people must just have racks of sweater boxes rammed full of royal python morphs and super dwarf retics.they might as well be pictures. That’s why I went into the frogs they are at least living a similar life to the wild and are stimulated.there are turtles the size of dinner plates in my local duck pond. There was a hellbender Salamanda in one park near me! And even a pair of dummerills boas and some venomous rattlesnakes/Pitt vipers. Stupidity. They could so easily have been rehomed. People want stuffbut don’t want the work or care about the consequences of dumping animals.
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    First of my orchids to flower in viv, smells great too.
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    oit on the “lawn” more solid more yellow more bold hope his mates join him soon
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    arvest bank atm near me bit more like it
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    http://www.jasonsteelwildlifephotography.yolasite.com/aesculapian-snakes.php stumbled upon this site after recently talking about alien reptiles and amphibians. Some great images and info on hoppers creepers and slitheres. Thought it may be if interest
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    1 part sugar 2 cheapo mash 4 cheapo ready brek.sprinkle paprika turmeric repashy vit A. Stir to sloppy consistency when cool dust with sugar and cinnamon tiny bit bakers yeast I call it “crapple pie” works for me cost a quid a month
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    one of my 5 sparkling new trivittatus. Can’t wait to pick em up and listen them warble
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    I've done the same before mate ha ha. If you need any advice on positioning/watering etc just give me a shout.
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    Cheers guys, I will keep the thread updated as they develop. Its also a loud call!! You cant mistake it for anything else, as it can be heard above all the other frogs i keep.