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  2. Thrifty duo viv

    Nice hardscape mate, looking forward to seeing it planted up.
  3. best moss to use

    There are a number of options moss wise.easiest by far are any of the aquatic mosses available. Get an “invitro” pot of java Christmas or similar then wash it chop it up into tiny fragments (chop like you would parsley) and spread it thinly onto a saturated natural surface(rough stone tree fern wood) but it must be lit directly and lit well. I’ve got stuff growing like a little lawn this way on hygrolon sheet. It’s like capillary matting a portion enters a water source and it wickes water out.you can buy spores(Kyoto) the stuff looks beautiful in Japanese gardens and bonsai pots but I’ve found hit and miss. Also moss mix available but again hit and miss and it’s seems to be mostly sphagnum that grows initially that’s not very convincing. By far the best stuff is the self spored stuff that just grows on tree fern wood etc unfortunately this is totally by chance and can take an age. I’ve got a second hand viv and there is some cracking natural stuff on it you just can’t replicate or beat natural bit of a bugger really
  4. Thrifty duo viv

    Thrifty viv becoming is becoming less thrifty with every passing day. Will be quite brom heavy so going to put decent dawn and dusk lamp on longer hours than rest of vivs to wake up the frog room in more natural manor. Also going to contain trio (hopefully) pumilio colon. Left hand side will have to wait a while but will contain small number of ranitomeya. Thinking about fantastica true nominat but I never hear them mentioned on forums etc. Have they fallen out of favour?
  5. Thrifty duo viv

  6. Earlier
  7. Phyllobates Bicolor

    yes they are we have had one calling already too
  8. Phyllobates Bicolor

    Starting to colour up nicely there.
  9. New to pumilio advice pls

    Hello all and happy new year. I’m picking up 2 or 3 possibly 4 pumilio colon in couple of months. The viv is approx 400 deep 500 high 550 wide. Intend to include multiple deposition sites and number of bromeliads. My question is in numbers and what to look for.may pop 3-4 youngsters in hope for a pair or 1.2 trio is 2.2 a no no in that viv?(guessing so) I’ve also heard that a trio will probably only produce a similar amount of offspring to a pair but I like the idea of more frogs to look at but would they be as happy in a trio. Any advice appreciated regarding these type of frog thanks john
  10. Thrifty duo viv

    initial placement of awful looking foam chunks.
  11. Thrifty duo viv

    talking deathclaw planting/tadpole sites.(lager can is only included for scale)
  12. Ameerega Trivittata Red

    we have 7 we traded for some Phyllobates terribilis Mints and we heard a male calling last night
  13. Phyllobates terribilis Orange

    Our Oranges
  14. Phyllobates Bicolor

    got 5 young Phyllobates Bicolor this weekend
  15. we now have the following frogs

    Ameerega Trivittata Red 0.0.7
    Dendrobates leucomelas Guyana banded 1.1
    Dendrobates tinctorius Robertus 1.1
    Phyllobates terribilis 0.1 Yellow
    Phyllobates terribilis 1.1 Mints
    Phyllobates terribilis Orange 0.0.4
    Phyllobates  Bicolor 0.0.5
    Ranitomeya vanzolinii 0.0.3

  16. Terribilis build

    Great to hear the SI are doing well.
  17. Terribilis build

    Got 20 santa Isabel mate if your interested. Try to cop them as they emerge but keep seeing a few cheeky smug buggers chilling up top the minute I open the door gone! Sure they know they are winding me up
  18. Terribilis build

    I definitely think they'll come out of their shells. The bicolor and terribilis always end up very bold. Haha I love them, gonna upgrade them in the new year, more space equals more vents ;-) Glad the SIs are coming along, I get hundreds of eggs a month just from one group! Let me know if you have any to trade coming up as I'd like an injection of new blood into my group. Merry Christmas :-)
  19. Terribilis build

    Cheers for the pumilio info.i currentyknee deep in loft conversion so the frogs have had to go in back burner. Doesn’t take much to start me off again though. The bicolour have vanished into the jungle! Seeded with springtails woodlice big viv so they’ve all found little corners.im sure they will get more bold.theyll learn to come to feeding station and sit on the rocks that I placed for the ungrateful buggers.when I see them they look bigger and are colouring up they seems to move differently to the others more mechanical half way to how histrionica move.vent wise(you really want more?) I e just released 4 little fatties back into my big viv so your two days too late.ive got two newly morphed 4 grown on leuc and a bag of santa Isabel! Merry Christmas
  20. new build

    many thanks for the helpful info it look like it is going to be a lot of reading and looking things up online then I don't know if I get things right till it is to late and I lose a frog thanks once again
  21. new build

    Mixed opinions on the water features... I know a few people with large pond type features, some deep pools etc who have had no issues. However there have been plenty of people who have apparently had deaths due to water features (mainly drowning) with what seems mostly tincs, I dunno why that seems to be the unfortunate subset, but it is. There was also the issue of the water itself causing issues, apparently if you have water and it's just 'standing' or even moving but is not 'filtered' it can cause bacterial/fungal infection for the frogs sitting in it, as some like to do. The easy way around this seems to be having water good enough for fish to live in, aka filtered via a fish filter or equivalent, which is very easy as all you need is the water flowing over/through something with enough surface area for bacteria to colonize, a simple sponge filter good enough for the volume of water, and use primed water (Prime de-chlorinater etc) or even better just let the water stand for several days before adding it. People seem to have success with arboreal frogs like pumillio, rants, and with epipedobates . Either way I think if you do it there will always be at least a degree of risk, you can make it as safe as possible with multiple easy to climb exits and branches. They can turn out to be some very striking vivs when set up right, a bit of extra work and the associated risk, but gorgeous!
  22. Terribilis build

    There is someone in Birmingham selling some colon 'del drago' AKA the really nice ones come February, I can pass you his info if you want? He may still have some left to reserve =) In exchange I will take some more vents off your hands lol How are the bicolor getting on? I know they are supposed to be bold even as youngsters.
  23. merry christmas

    Merry Christmas guys, wishing you all a great new year of frogging too =)
  24. merry christmas

    A very merry Xmas. May all of your stockings croak. Where have you been kroot
  25. when on holiday

    I never seem to be away longer than 2 days these days
  26. merry christmas

    Happy Christmas too all.
  27. when on holiday

    many thanks did not think of doing it that way I do have springtails and woodlice which I could add more just before I go away many thanks once again
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