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  1. Yesterday
  2. Gotta love Mother Nature

    Sorry John but your to late, they've already announced the winner of the wildlife photographer of the year
  3. Gotta love Mother Nature

    tiny musroom on a single azzie turd marvelous
  4. Last week
  5. Good days frogging

    Well the French are notoriously awkward. Mine have acted differently the more brexit fiasco has been strung out
  6. Black Soldier flies.

    Just so you know, Black soldier flies seem to be great food for the Terribs'. Chase them all over the viv and seem to have no trouble wolfing them down.
  7. Isabel question

    Ha ha, no, don't think so. But by the looks of it you will be knee deep in the little buggers soon enough.
  8. Good days frogging

    All seems good news for you there. The Leucs are feeding like crazy but who knows what the Frenchies are up to? Just a flash of movement and, gone!
  9. Good days frogging

    How many tads on his back mate? Looks like a party! Glad the froglets will be going to another good home, they're gonna love that viv.
  10. Good days frogging

    Yeah they eat non stop. Not 100% but seems to be a discernible difference in toe pads pretty certain at least 1 pair
  11. Good days frogging

    Wow they've grown quick. Doesn't seem very long at all since you came to collect them.
  12. Crappy photo good find cheers kroot just split 4 fat azureus into I believe 2 sexed pairs. Cheers JohnB56 secured 6 well priced bi colour. Cheers jone5 decent evening
  13. Phyllobates Bicolor

    HI John, I haven't received any other PMs in my inbox since our correspondence yesterday evening. When was the last time you sent a message? Cheers.
  14. Isabel question

    Bummer. Thought I’d found a new fact new to the frogging world.
  15. Isabel question

    It's the males. They change their call. Never known a female to make any sound other than 'thud' as they make a break for it!
  16. Phyllobates Bicolor

    Hello Jon pmed regarding these got no reply?
  17. Isabel question

    Got quite a lot of activity calling wise in viv near enough continual in the mornings. Just before my first Isabel clutch I heard a lower brief rasping croak. I had assumed this was a communication from a male having paired up.hearing it again this morning and wondered if anyone else hears this or is it possibly a female “answering” I know this is said to happen with phyllobates.any thoughts??
  18. Earlier
  19. Phyllobates Bicolor

    Growing like little weeds, not surprised though, they're like bottomless pits.
  20. Terribilis build

    Nicely done mate.
  21. Terribilis build

    Thanks. Any body got some yellow/orange Terribilis available in the next few months?
  22. Terribilis build

    Looking very nice indeed. Frogs should be chuffed when they move in.
  23. Terribilis build

    Very nice viv.
  24. Terribilis build

    mostly planted with stuff I’ve taken from other vivs. Couple of climbers I half inched from Stratford butterfly farm moth orchid donated by old customer dwarf mondo grass seems tough not sure how it will work long term. Seeded lawn with chopped Xmas moss need to add hut and forest “pot pourii”
  25. Terribilis build

    Cheeeeers sister in law sent me avatar seemed a waste not to use it. You can tell it’s a girl small toe pads
  26. Terribilis build

    He does look a bit like that in real life...
  27. Terribilis build

    looking great they will love those rocks, *your aviator is quite disturbing though
  28. Terribilis build

    Remember they are heavy ground dwelling frogs and can trample fragile plants.
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