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  2. best type of lights

    Madlan. What lumens/kelvin and s the tape? I’ve seen the stuff but always assumed it would be useless for vivs. Nice room by the way. Fractionally nicer than mine. Just a tad
  3. best type of lights

    hi would you have a link to where you got the LED from please I was thinking about the jungle dawn lights but don't want anything to big above the top of the viv so something along the lines of yours may work many thanks grate frog room btw
  4. best type of lights

    I went the LED route too, using LED tape (High brightness stuff, not the cheapo under kitchen cabinet stuff). This allowed me to control the lighting and produce decent day\night cycles plus silly stuff like this:
  5. best type of lights

    I was thinking along the same lines as you but was thinking I ask on here to see what people say thank for your reply
  6. best type of lights

    LED seems the only way to go to me assuming you are not bothered about uv. Yo can get jungle dawns and aquarium leds I’ve had reasonable success with the panel leds designed for suspended ceilings I’ve got I think 24 watt 7000k over 40x40 cubes and the growth is compact deep green red brooms etc. Next build I may make custom fitting out of led spots you get flush in ceilings. Day light or cold/cool light is the one to get not warm white 6500kelvin is optimum my 7000s work great and are around £20 in amazon if that
  7. best type of lights

    hi guys and gals sorry i'm here asking things again what would be the best type of light for a planted terrarium I am now at the stage of planting and doing the lights any help would be great
  8. Terribilis build

    Yes mate vanzollinii possibly. If I can’t get colon pums first. Need period of financial readjustment or santa may skip my house this year!
  9. Terribilis build

    Ah you're gonna have fun watching them grow mate!! What's next on the list? Hopefully another thumbnail =P
  10. Terribilis build

    Still tiny bit shy 2 days in 6 little bi color images upload
  11. Thrifty duo viv

  12. do you need a drainage layer

    Exo (as in terra) not exodus!
  13. do you need a drainage layer

    You don’t need a drainage layer in a euro slider viv. The sloped base drains water from substrate into gully at front then out via a drain usually.you don’t want the substrate continually saturated and standing water would become stagnant and anaerobic so in an exodus or fish tank you need a drainage layer to keep standing water from the actual substrate that your plants/frogs are in contact with. This layer is normally hydro LECA the clay balls sold from hydronics or can be egg crate standing on little lengths of pvc pipe creating a false bottom.this water would then drain out of fitting before it reaches substrate or syphoned off before. I used to used a black pop bottle top sticking through drainage layer st front now and again I’d unscrew lid syphon off then replace lid.
  14. Just Pick This Up

    which frogs are you going to go with nice viv btw whish I went with a taller one like yours mine is 90x45x45 need bit higher for some taller plants
  15. do you really need a drainage layer if so why I can not see any benefit of having one what benefit would there be in having one thanks
  16. other food to feed

    I forgot I have woodlice and springtails in the viv now and again I feed bean beetles not used pea aphids did look up the aphids but could not find any for sale same as firebrats but thanks for info
  17. other food to feed

    Bean beetles, woodlice, springtails, pea aphids, firebrats are all good feeders to add to your flies and crickets mate.
  18. other food to feed

    hi there I am looking for other food to feed my frogs at the moment I am only feeding fruit flies and micro crickets dusted with powder what other food can I try to feed them tthanks
  19. led light unit on ebay

    seen these led light unit on ebay are they any good do anybody on here have one if so what do you really think of it https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Zoo-Med-ReptiSun-LED-Hood-76-96cm/182751921023?_trkparms=aid%3D555017%26algo%3DPL.CASSINI%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D55149%26meid%3Dc51aa2c38a644f11a0ebed057907b1ae%26pid%3D101006%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26%26itm%3D182751921023&_trksid=p2045573.c101006.m3226
  20. treated water how safe

    I've used treated tap water in the past and it's safe for use with amphibians, these days I use ro as it helps cut down on mineral deposits on the glass and plant leaves.
  21. treated water how safe

    treated water to remove chlorine, chloramine how safe is it really for misting water dish for dart frog also to use in a fogger or is it better to buy bottled water or r/o water
  22. Terribilis build

    Can’t take the credit but pleasing non the less
  23. More celebrating mediocrity!

    All good stuff Daniel. However. The vodka euthanasia was but japery pertaining to my border line alcoholism hic
  24. Thrifty duo viv

    I’ll post pics of my ranitomeya slate rack when it’s done. Maybe I’ll make you some eh?think I’ll work the slate is more forgiving than glass particularly in transit and parts of the wall can be left bare as the finish will be natural and pleasing to the eye. Save spend 2 grand in tree fern
  25. Thrifty duo viv

    Exciting to see mate, just don't tell me you are getting some tincs for it! I was recently put off DMS as they have not been on the ball with supplying people with lights and vivs on time, but when you think of the work that goes into it and the amount a business must pump out, I don't envy anyone doing it, that being said I need several vivs built next year as upgrades etc as buying pre-made from DF is too expensive and limits where you can utilize space. I am not brave enough to even attempt making one.
  26. More celebrating mediocrity!

    I would suggest clove oil or even better aqua sed then, you can get it on amazon and it's a 'proper' fish sedative, however the clove works very well for most people, there is just some concern that it would irritate a tad more than the aqua sed before sending it off. I don't think any tad would be resistant to a proper fish sedative overdoes and it's the most humane way to go, I know I would choose being sedated to death as a primary option! While there is the concern re continual egg laying and the females getting worn out I very rarely hear anyone mention issues if they supplement their frogs, if the female is struggling for certain micro-nutrients she should stop producing, and if not, she is well enough to keep on trucking. With the availability of good dusting nowadays I really don't see it being an issue? There is the fact that with pretty much all animals the more they produce the shorter the lifespan, not sure how this relates to frogs but frankly if you have happy healthy frogs that lay constantly and naturally pass a year earlier than frogs kept in less ideal conditions I know what I would choose.
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