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  3. Sirensis Highland Tadpole to Frog

    Have you any for sale atm Miles ?
  4. I'm looking for people's opinions on both and also how you make and use your mix?
  5. Dendrobates Tinctorius Nominat

    Congrats! Took there time didnt they!!
  6. Led lighting

    Should work fine yeah, just get a suitable sized tropical fish tank set up.
  7. Dendrobates Tinctorius Nominat

    Now Proven! (At last).
  8. Led lighting

    Just a question has Anyone tried using a 5ft/6ft LED light baton, just I have a rack of 9 tanks and wondered weather this could work?
  9. Blue jeans

    Anyone working with pumillio blue jeans?
  10. Phyllobates terribilis

    I have bred many terribilis over the years and you do sometimes get different colourations within the same clutch. Also some terribilis change colour slightly as they get older...as an example you could breed two yellows together, all the youngsters could colour up yellow, but then the odd one will start to get brighter or duller than its siblings as it gets older...this may or may not be all over the body. Regards Gordon
  11. Phyllobates terribilis

    It's the NZ soft stuff Exo Terra used to do , 250 exo terra panels and god knows how much silicone...
  12. Phyllobates terribilis

    great pics, that hard treefern on the back wall.
  13. Phyllobates terribilis

    The top one is from kevin du rose (about 18 months OOTW), the second is from the Netherlands - slightly worried about the green colouration in the legs, I don't remember that in any of Kev's froglets when they were small...
  14. Phyllobates terribilis

    Great pics, and a great species. I'm loving mine.
  15. Phyllobates terribilis

    Phyllobates terribilis growing fast:
  16. Site Update

    I would be happy to pay a small fee to keep it running
  17. Here some pictures. And new plants in stock, check at www.bens-jungle.de Shipping weekly to the UK for only 14 Euro
  18. Misting system required

    The other half's misting system has packed up, Is anyone selling one? Preferably close to us; B62 8LQ halesowen/birmingham area of the west midlands
  19. Panama pumilio ban

    Hi Stu nice to hear from you mate been such a long time! What iv heard is that the European Union is the ones that have banned the imports from panama as they don't believe that the frogs are coming from captive farmed facilities as were told I presume they are still allowing from other countries hence the recent imports of blue jeans not from panama
  20. Site Update

    Me too
  21. Site Update

    Well I'm willing to contribute.
  22. Panama pumilio ban

    Actually Steve i've been told that Panama has shut down and came here seeking more knowledge as I see so little of the froggie webland world now i'm completely out of touch So have you heard different ie they are not shut down just not importing to EU???? stu
  23. some cool pointers here tony,but for me the end of the world senario,ie sommit bad happens froggy feels world is gonna end,therfore does the most important thing possible keep s it's gene pool alive,ie breeds is not the ideal. Frankly I also feel the rearing together is a great shout(to p[lausibly prevent breeding as they think they are siblings),but the trio I originally bought to go with AERO our first mystie were just that,reared together and that didn't have any effect. My guess beyond absolute health of breeding stock diet uvb carrotenoids etc is the water picked up early on by Nick. I feel they are being kept too wet have had no dry season,(this one is had core,do the research I sadly haven't time to go there with you now,i'd love to bro,but it's out there written many times so little point in repeating) needs to be part of all our frogs lives. so give them some dry ,proper dry hard core dry,BUT ALWAYS!!!!! a means to rehydrate for a couple of months or more,then when it's absolutley P*ssing down outside,a real hard core low drown the viv and keep that humidity up. Tony nowt is 100% no for sure here. I'd just rather you try to replicate natural stimulii to breed rather than the worlds gonna end senario. Oh and i'm not saying Adrian is wrong about this,it happens when we move frogs too,or in anyway doing any form of diservice to his beloved frogs,I know how much the guy cares already. hey Adrian how are ya bro. It's just I still feel frog keepers don't talk on the dry enough or really assimilate it's importance, how drastic it can be...especially newer folks to froggie keeping. Nature is hard we probably want to be almost too kind,I mean not one of us would really advocate hardship for our frogs,we love 'em want the best we can do for 'em. Put it this way who in blighty or anywhere actually keeps their leucs so hard so dry that they eastivate? I don't that's for sure,but in the wild that is their lot. Phibs are a relatively simple life form,they respond to stimulii. give them dry them wet and time this to link into the natural stimulii they are reading ie barometric pressure drops,even right time of year,they'll breed All the luck bro stu
  24. Tips On Keeping Mysties?

    Walt water temps 72/74f Food for the first two weeks plant based protein source add the animal protein to diet after this time is UVB plausibly provided? water...... rainwater (OMG rainwater lmao) tannins/ brown stuff/ tad tea call it what ya like aldercone,boil cones in RW sieve, keep liquor dilute this into their water sort of a pale brown colour is what I'm looking for. Useable additions elodea, oak leaf, duckweed,live grub: smaller mosi larvea and bloodworms(live!!) We pull as eggs incubate at above temps feed real sparingly at first,mysties seem to be amongst the pickier tads,to me anyway,not Quite the hunters of other species,but they will and do hunt it's just a bit different to the other guys. Walt when I started we had probs here rearing these guys,I believe Allen Repashy has made a massive difference to all this. vit A twice per month no more...breeders Ca plus at each feed carotenoids might help.but the biggest thing I guess beyond absolute brill health and care of adults has to be stop the buggers,give them a rest let all those micro nutrients in the parents reaccumulate. then tell him after a good rest to start over. oh they'll take Allen's food as kids but I'm too fried to give detail right now now he has just got to stop 'em Hope something here might help mate. Walt i'm pushed to breaking,don't post much but very much still here, all our original mysties still here too stu
  25. Tips On Keeping Mysties?

    hello everyone. well my friends mystis are laying eggs and he has tads. now his problem is they are dyeing after awhile. don't know the water temp he has them in. not sure if he is pulling tads out to soon. he gets eggs, pulls from tank and gets tads. then has alive for a while and they die. maybe it could be his food choice for tads.
  26. new build help

    hi all, looking at doing a new build and im after some advice im looking at doing my first proper big build and wanted some pointers, im looking on going large so at least 90lx45wx60h , im wanting to include a waterfall and stream maybe a small pond at the end , im looking to have my trio of peacock day geckos in with the darts, what kind of dart would u reccommend for a setup of this size, i already keep leaucs any pointers will be great
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