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  2. Happy Christmas

    All the best
  3. Happy Christmas

    Best wishes to you also .
  4. To those of us left that still haunt these pages. all the best at Christmas. Hope you all hope a frogtastic time. Adrian.
  5. D.tinctorius Brazil

  6. D.tinctorius Brazil

  7. IMAG1028.jpg

  8. Matecho1

  9. Sirensis Highland Tadpole to Frog

    Have you any for sale atm Miles ?
  10. I'm looking for people's opinions on both and also how you make and use your mix?
  11. Dendrobates Tinctorius Nominat

    Congrats! Took there time didnt they!!
  12. Led lighting

    Should work fine yeah, just get a suitable sized tropical fish tank set up.
  13. Dendrobates Tinctorius Nominat

    Now Proven! (At last).
  14. Led lighting

    Just a question has Anyone tried using a 5ft/6ft LED light baton, just I have a rack of 9 tanks and wondered weather this could work?
  15. Blue jeans

    Anyone working with pumillio blue jeans?
  16. Phyllobates terribilis

    I have bred many terribilis over the years and you do sometimes get different colourations within the same clutch. Also some terribilis change colour slightly as they get older...as an example you could breed two yellows together, all the youngsters could colour up yellow, but then the odd one will start to get brighter or duller than its siblings as it gets older...this may or may not be all over the body. Regards Gordon
  17. Phyllobates terribilis

    It's the NZ soft stuff Exo Terra used to do , 250 exo terra panels and god knows how much silicone...
  18. Phyllobates terribilis

    great pics, that hard treefern on the back wall.
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