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  2. Cork trunk build

    So my attempt at ventilation : 20180420_153748 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr But the end result.... 20180420_153756 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr 20180420_153918 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr I can only think of a few reasons that i'm struggling with something seemingly so simple : - The mesh covering the vents is too fine and allowing minimal air through. - 'New glass' - i've seen that the glass tends to 'clear' after a while when it builds up a bacterial surface (though still not truly clear) - No internal circulation
  3. Cork trunk build

    Either a pair of pumilios (Isla Colons, Red frog beach, blue jeans) or one of a number of Ranitomeya (Variabilis, Vanzolinii, Amazonica, Imitator) - however, unless I go to dartfrog.co.uk or run the risk of collecting from Hamm it seems thumbnails are pretty the on the ground in the UK (Pums being none existent) Cheers mate, i'm sure the photos must make mine look better than it is Any chance of a photo of yours? A few updates : - Added a Lucky Reptile seconds timer - this is set @ 09:30, 13:30 and 18:00 running 20 seconds per time. - Condensation is proving a real problem on the front viewing glass, having felt like the 2cm ventilation strip wasn't enough (with the no see um insect mesh impeding any flow that does occur), i've cut in a much larger vent centrally, approx 6 - 7cm in width). - Added active ventilation, a 50mm fan sits on top of the front vent. This is on a timer set to 30 minutes after the misting schedule, running for 1 minute per time. - Increased the depth of ABG mix - Springtail and white tropical woodlice colonies are booming, added some of each to the tank in order to get established - any other isopods recommended? (grey / orange woodlice, different spring tails) Will be ordering plants from RIch @ rainforestvivs soon, plan on planting bromeliads just on the main cork branch, with several climbers marcgravia, ficus montana etc and several species of orchids framing them - maybe some mosses on the manzanita.
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  5. safe water

    I used to use RO with vits, gave up on that due to logistics and now use rain water, frogs have been happier it seems, breeding improved and not had any problems with tads with it.
  6. Cork trunk build

    Puts mine to shame. Great build.
  7. Cork trunk build

    great job so far whats going in there?
  8. Cork trunk build

    It's been a little while since my last update, in no small part due to work but also things going wrong (and continuing to!) Since the last update i've managed the following : - Drilled bulkhead for Mistking 'value bulkhead' - this is only 6mm tubing but it does the job of draining the excess water from the drainage layer. Ryan from MK quoted me the wrong drill bit size, so had to wait for the correct one to arrive before proceeding. Once drilled and fitted I leak tested it, and found it was leaking badly even with an extra O ring on the outer glass. So I had to smear it in silicone and fingers crossed this seems to be holding up : 20180405_140912 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr 20180405_140916 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr - False bottoms constructed, these cover approx 80% of the floor, to reduce weight. Finished around the edges and centre with expanded clay balls, topped with rigid plastic mesh and topped finally with horticultural fleece 20180405_131043 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr 20180405_131445 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr - ABG substrate mix created (using sphagnum moss, tree fern granules, carbon granules, fine orchid bark and peat moss) 20180405_141057 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr - Topped with a thin later of oak leaves (I need a much thicker layer, prefereably a variety including magnolia and cattapa leaves) 20180405_141206 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr - Also plumbed in the misting system and drainage, all pretty tidy underneath the vivarium : 20180405_143354 by DEAF N1NJA, on Flickr The hollow cork tubes i'm thinking of filling with fine orchid bark to prevent the frogs from entering and acting as a large refugium for the isopods (shoutout to Pumilio for this idea) Other things on the to do list : - Hide the fan in cork to create a relatively hidden internal air circulation solution - this will be powered by a 2A PSU at set intervals during the day - Add ventilation at the read of the lid - Try and work out why both fans on my ATI sunpower unit have stopped working:( - Plant! - Decide what LED solution to go for, either a self build CREE solution, a couple of Kessil A160 Amazon suns or some GU10 track lighting (want a hybrid solution so when summer comes around the temperatures from the T5 can be eliminated) - Also debating on wether to re-add the manzanita branches or leave them out for a 'cleaner' look?
  9. Cork trunk build

    I can't say i'm disappointed with the light transmission so far, also acts as a diffuser so the light isn't so stark for the frogs.
  10. safe water

    I have been using one of these filters for years to purify my tap water. Ive never had any problems. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3-Stage-HMA-Water-Purifier-Koi-Ponds-Dechlorinator-Filter-System/122094639859?hash=item1c6d685af3:m:mL2QepJbv_hRM4LoOqa5Gjg
  11. safe water

    use natural spring water from your supermarket if you cant get harvested rain water, i would avoid tapwater even if you do use a clenser.
  12. safe water

    I only use filtered rainwater brought up to to vivarium temperature overnight. I wouldnt use tapwater personally. regards Gordon
  13. safe water

    which is the best way to make tap water safe for misting the terrarium also or the water dish and watering the plants
  14. which plants

    I agree with Nick....also when most people talk of mixing frogs it is in a small to medium size viv....1400mm x 700mm x 600mm is quite a size and is a different matter! Also everyone learns by trial and error with plants and frogs and everyone has different tastes, requirements, and different depths of pockets...this can be an expensive hobby if you are constantly having to replace dead frogs and dead plants because they did not prosper in whatever set up you have...i wasted a lot of money when i first started many years ago so i know to my own cost. regards Gordon
  15. which plants

    I don't think mixing is a big issue if you know what your doing and there's enough space. It's something people new to the hobby are keen on and most experienced breeders go against that as some combination of frogs won't work out in the long term. I would say that a major joy from the hobby is breeding and watching courting behavior from the frogs so you would miss out on that in a all male setup.
  16. which plants

    On the plants I think you e got tohave a least one bromeliad in?? It’s like having a collection without a pair of azureus.
  17. which plants

    Hello all just thought I’d give you the benefit of my inexperience. I know the whole mix tank thing is a major issue but it seems again and again that when a mix tank is discussed it always starts with the worst possible combination of species either a bunch of tinctorius or sticking some imitators in the top of a viv with something bigger on the bottom. People also seem to keep pumilio and auratus together as they share the same locality I’m sure this may work but I’m sure eagles and leaches life in the same localities. Personally I’ve got a single mixed viv as wanted to get back into hobby and had the bits to build a big setup it’s 1400 ish 700 or so high with a deeper ledge and some water and 600 front to back. Stocked with 6 vents(variabilis?) 5 standard leucs and 4 Santa Isabel. They seem largely oblivious to each other the vents breeding the Leucs bit reclusive but I’ve been told this is seasonal and they were in well before the Isabel which from what I gather you can’t go wrong with.i seem to remember something about dwarf cobalts being ok in groups. Tbh I do wonder if that space split into 3 would have been better used though. These are just my Ill educated opionins I’ve not put anything on the forum up till now to avoid the tyrade of abuse regarding pathogens etc. Anyway so far so good. Cheers john
  18. which plants

    Ok so back to plants if you buy them from a dart frog shop like http://www.rainforestvivs.co.uk/ or Ben jungle all of the plants there would be ok in a terrarium.
  19. which plants

    It is not easy to sex dart frogs until they are adults...so if you only require males i feel you will struggle to find all male adults of different types unless you know any breeders who will have an excess amount of adult males to sell you. You would find it easier to find a group of all one type of dartfrog which can be kept together as a group such as leucs or tricolors. Dendrobates are better kept as sexed pairs or male heavy trio’s.unless you are experienced as the less dominant ones will die of stress. regards Gordon
  20. Tips on the Exo Terra mini fogger.

    I had a look at foggers and a mistking and will be going with the mistking you can have a look at this may help you out
  21. which plants

    done a lot of research and I will be only keeping males so should be ok my exo-terra terrarium is 90x45x45cm so will be ok for about 6 frogs have seen a mix frog setup and read all about this kind of setup not kept frogs before but have kept a lot of things from fish lizards snakes I do a lot of research and ask a lot of thing about what I would like to keep first before I just go out and buy them thanks
  22. which plants

    ummm ok, have you done any research as that's not recommend at all. Have you kept PDF's before?
  23. which plants

    was thinking of a mix of dendrobatidae
  24. which plants

    what frogs you planning to get as Bromeliads are a favorite for many off them.
  25. which plants

    hi all well almost got everything to start my terrarium build now I am looking at the plant side of the build which ones to use I would like some climbers ground cover one's a lot of people use Bromeliads I'm not that keen on those so looking at other plans to fill the terrarium up ant help with a good plant list to help me would be grate thanks
  26. how to finish the substrate

    Always been a fan of the leaf litter, and let the moss choose it's own growing points. Maybe I've just had lost too many battles with trying to get moss to work well at floor level.
  27. how to finish the substrate

    I just want something that look good but also take the needs of the frogs in account of there needs
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